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Nostradamus C3 Q45: Exploitation of petroleum resources affects our future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 45 Five strangers shed Etampes [d'Estrees] Angevin [Bourbon]diviners blood in a Toulousian templeThe text of this verse tells how five different nations are involved in the exploitation of a product they all worship and that the French will learn to their cost the price of membership of this avaricous club. The anagrams hold the details of this theme in which the five strangers are the USA ( uSa and Aux), Siberians ( ains ſera bi), the Eddan kin (dedan -cinq) or Nordic countries, the Angevins ( sang vien) of France and Serbians ( ns ſera bi) while their common activity is the quest for oil in the seas ( a ses - loi- miner). The narrative of the tale is the history of our times as the vast pools of oil on land are exhausted and the oil companies turn to searching the seas and remote lands. The example of the USA is watched with silent endurance by other nations as their resources are exploited until they realise the chemical legacy they have inherited from its extraction.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Temples sell Etampes kin generates greatness genes enters Eddan lands
2. Angevin driven altar reporter alter proper orphan rulers
3. USA shout Siberians soul endure Aussilon example
4. Diviner quin universalised variedness loses readiness oils miner exerts
The five strangers entered in the temple,
Their blood will come to pollute the land:
To the Toulousans it will be a very hard example
Of one who will come to exterminate their laws.
Les cinq eſtranges entrez dedans le temple
Leur sang viendra la terre prophaner
Aux Tholouſains ſera bien dur exemple
D'vn qui viendra ses loix exterminer
L1: <rezted generants siLence lands qest><regents q(u)atreins><lands enter strange daze><leanest dead enterz ſtrange q(e)st><since lands meet peLl q(u)est><greatness enterz eddan cqin (kin)> 

L2: <angevin ruLers orphan><alter proper ruLes invader sang><orphan given per surreaL alert><granuLes driven ala reporter><ravings ruLe orphan altar end>

L3: <Siberians endure uSa example><Serbians indure uSa><uxA bearS a sin hoT soul ruined><SuaSion bear>

L4: <miner exert seas oilx diviner><oil readiness><reminDer exixt invader loses quin><miner exert oilx variedness><dearness rvineD oilx termx><oils arsenide> universalised slanders
1: universalised, reporter, reminder,
2: Siberians, suasions, prophane, readiness, Angevin, ravings, example / exempla, vii,
3: saving, Aussilon, orphan, sincq,
4: Angevins, granules, Serbians, Beduin, proper,
5: slanders, divine, enterz,
6: variedness, diviner, generants, luxate, dazed,
7: dilater,
8: regents, give,
9: silence, 
10: dearness, given,
11: arsenide,
12: animal, quits,
13: surreal, oilx,
14: runas,
15: vnder, exert,
16: -,
17: greatness, Serbia,
18: leanest, rulers, miner, Pelle,
19: ermine,
20: pelmets / stempel / temples, exuder / reduxe,
21: Erbian, ruler, rezt,
22: altar,
23: -.

universalised, reporter, reminder, Siberians, prophane, suasions, readiness, Angevins, orphan, ravings, example, saving, granules, Serbians, Beduin, proper, slanders, diviner, variedness, dazed, generants, given, arsenide, oils, dearness, exert, surreal, greatness, Serbians, leanest, miner, quits.



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