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Nostradamus C3 Q47: The relics of Edessa as a cause of religious war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q47 An old monarch when exiled seeks help in the East where fear of the cross requires he travel via land and the Port of MityleneThis verse provides the background detail of the initial events in the Middle East that lead to war. As indicated in many others the war is a result of increased diseases that religious people interpret through the filter of punitive beliefs. The key elements showing the location are the anagrams for Iraq source chased Edessa and Qoran /Quran. The old monarch mentioned in the text suffers from acroneurosis as a result of an evil gene and this disease which affects his extremities means he spends his time encouraging others to go to war over Edessas curios. Such a story is consistent with many others in this section of the Prophecies. 

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

1. Roman Qoran educe evil uxe chases Edessas seeds Norse gene  endorses
2. Acroneurosis sources Iraqs quarries extrusions insert tensions
3. Pouuer reproduces coders records IX polarise reason seeing engines procedures
4. Enmity rapport timely entirely a report perpetrator-enter retirement

# acroneurosis: a disease of the nervous sytem affecting the ability of the body to regulate the flow of blood to the extremities.
portate: in heraldry this implies an ensign or shield that is carried at a slant.
The old monarch chased out of his realm
Will go to the East asking for its help
For fear of the crosses he will fold his banner
To Mitylene he will go through port and by land.
Le vieux monarque dechaſſe de ſon regne
Aux Orients ſon ſecours ira querre
Pour peur des croix ploiera ſon enſeigne
En Mitylene ira par port et par terre.
L1: <chaSed eviL gene roman uxe endorSeS><edeSSaS negro><~quran cede eviL Son haS mouxe genre Seed~><Quran cede norSe ShadeS eviL gene>qoran

L2: <acroneuroSis extrusiOnS err><quarries Source SonS extrusiOn><iraq rue Sons ureA SourceS><i sent SonS AurOx couriers><AurOx tensionS iraq Sources err><SonS source iraq insert oX ureA> stoneS curios onSets

L3: <ix procedures polariSe one engineS><Seeing reaSon oPen><pouuer records><oanneS Seeing><none Seeing ix purer coders polariSe><enSign reaSon>

L4: <~a tiMely report reeNter a rapine part~><airplane porter EnMity><patter err entirely Mine a rapport><part report a rEtireMent><report patter Eminently err>portate
1: airplane-porter, acroneurosis, evil gene, extrusions, eminently, entirely, quarrier, timely,
2: reproduces / procedures, extrusion, retirement, portate, enmity,
3: tensions, quarries, records, seeping,
4: Censorius, endorses, peeing,
5: polarise, pigeon, rescued / reduces / secured, cursed, Iraq,
6: couriers, rapport,
7: curios, inserts, Edessas, Aurox,
8: oneness,
9: Croix, shades,
10: -
11: -
12: engines,
13: onsets / stones,
14: -
15: -
16: endorse,
17: purer,
18: chased,
19: ensign, ermine, Edessa, elven,
20: sources, patter,
21: coders / decors / scored, Oannes,
22: Quoran, porter / report, Qoran.
23: -

acroneurosis, evil gene, timely, extrusions, entirely, reproduces, procedures, inserts, portate, Croix, shades, ensign, extrusion, Mitylene, retirement, sources, enmity, tensions, polarise, quarries, stones, records, endorses, Iraq, couriers, rapport, rescued, Edessas, cursed, curios, oneness, endorse, coders, purer, engines, Oannes, Qoran, report.



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