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Nostradamus C3 Q48: His poetry used to hide astronomic ciphers for man's inhumanity.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is one of those that contributed most to my earliest views on how Nostradamus incorporated astronomic data into his poetry (See my paper on Astronomy for more). My attention was drawn to it by the singular anagrams for 'memorizes mansions  truer time in size '. The mansions relate to an equatorial system of astronomy and by making this connection I was able to give meaning to the text of the fourth line. The decay of a particular star beneath the horizon accounts for much of the content in the text while another theme found in the anagrams can be tied into events arising out of climatic disaster throughout this century.

The story within the text and anagrams has a wider scope than just a statement on astronomy. It is about ecolology of the atmosphere and a period in man's future where his pollution of the ecosphere will lead to a plan to reduce the population of mankind.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

step accents pacts if safest acts teaches rude men dements
Sept cens captifs eſtachez rudement

truer Nordien petrols uproots our moraliti time
Pour la moitie meurtrir donne le ſort

invaders raids prompt element petrol chore echoes ecosphere raindrops diviner prordains
Le proche eſpoir viendra ſi promptement

mansions it quot's unique in size memories memorizes astronomy
Mais non ſi toſt qu'vne quinzieſme mort.
Seven hundred captives bound roughly.
Lots drawn for the half to be murdered:
The hope at hand will come very promptly
But not as soon as the fifteenth death.
Sept cens captifs eſtachez rudement
Pour la moitie meurtrir donne le ſort
Le proche eſpoir viendra ſi promptement
Mais non ſi toſt qu'vne quinzieſme mort.
  1. <rude men Safest Step accents pit><unmetred Step teaches z fits caps> feaSts dementS cheatS / chaSte
  2. <none rid PetrolS truer time><ural (mountains) omit Poorest><it uProotS moral><ural trooPS omit>
  3. <prechoSe eLement><petroL men tempo rvined pariS><diviner pose pairs echo ><previSioned chore><riven rapids tempor (word units)><pariS tempor diviner Speech-Lore> preordainS raindropS ecoSphere (life sphere)
  4. <it quot's uniqve Mansions><MansionS meteoriSm (flatulence?)><quin memorizeS><memeS noMinators uniqve quot's Sit><in Size><notionS aiMs>insoMnias memorieS roMantism / Matronism / somniator Monetarism
  1. 'truer time', previsioned, ecosphere, raindrops, speechlore, pre-ordains, insomnias, nominators, 'in size', memorizes, memories
  2. accents, poorest, 'petrol men', notions, meteorism
  3. unmetred, uproots, monetarism
  4. safest / feasts, romantism / matronism
  5. emportment, mansion, zequin, rechose, troops,
  6. diviner, uniqve (v=u), quot's ('=e)
  7. dements, element, rapids, speech, reecho
  8. mural
  9. teaches, prechose, troop, memo, size,
  10. sachets, scathes, anions,
  11. prompt, sheep,
  12. -,
  13. petrols (different line to petrol)
  14. petrol, drains, pacts,
  15. -,
  16. -,
  17. -,
  18. -,
  19. -,
  20. -,
  21. chaste / cheats / scheat / scathe, chats, omit,
  22. cheat, teach, caps,
  23.  relose.

truer time, previsioned, ecosphere, raindrops, speechlore, preordains, memorizes, mansions, in size, unique, diviner, elements, dements, uproots, safest, notions, petrols, monetarism, emportment, drains, pacts, teaches, troop, reecho, speech, prompt, petrols, cheats.



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