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Nostradamus C3 Q51: The motivating forces behind industrial riots in France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Industrial unrest in France is at the heart of this prophecy. The anagrams that bring this to the fore are proletarians(a ſortir en pla), registration(it Angiers Tro), affiant(ffait An), rioters(ſortir e , iers Tro) and arresting (Angiers Tr). When the riots begin it is over a relatively minor issue but it is the heavyhanded yearlong (roye Lang) legalistic handling of the matter that leads to death and murder as each rioter (ortir e) flees (s le fe) giant (it Ang) vans (ans v).

The anagrams which can supply the essential detail missing from the text include:

prosaic conjuries graven named undreamt memo truer patter come
Paris conjure vn grand meurtre commettre

bolis (javelin) feel fearless as rioters proletarians perennial fear
Blois le fera ſortir en plain effect

excur ordeal learns words not cruel he free cuter meter
Ceux d'Orleans voudront leur chef remettre

angriest Tyrolean story yearlong integrators refuels furore affiant (maker of affidavit) registration arresting giant
Angiers Troye Langres leur feront vn meffait.

# proletarians: industrial wage-earners whose only worth in a capitalist society is his labour.
# affiant: one who swears in an affidavit that the information it contains is true.

Paris conspires to commit a great murder
Blois will cause it to be fully carried out
Those of Orleans will want to replace their chief,
Angers, Troyes, Langres will commit a misdeed agains them.

Paris conjure vn grand meurtre commettre
Blois le fera ſortir en plain effect

Ceux d'Orleans voudront leur chef remettre
Angiers Troye Langres leur feront vn meffait.
L1: <truer temPter come conjures air><conjures rePair><Persia conjue><undreamt core><named truer><icons Patter graven rujn>Prosaic juno unarmed

L2: < in effect proletarianS free soil><in effect flees reptilian roarS><perennial ratioS free soil><~in effect plan Boil fearleSs rioter~><patroniSer Blot aliens reliefs><or reptilian fearS Blot lies><caffeine Blot lifes><in effect rioterſ fear plan lies><era flees> reSpirational finale

L3: <leOnard vuords not uxe rule><ereCt cheerful rotund meter><Older vans lent odour uxe> round lOrd Ordeal

L4: <fortvne rules anger affiant (legalistic) men><Angriest TyroLean><resTArting / resTAting / ArresTing yearlong><yaLe regisTrAtion / inTegrAtors / resToring><else furore ><regAin angeL sTory /Troys><forerun enLarges><regAins ornaTeLy><refuels anger><yaLe giAnt rioTers>anTrorseLy
1: respirational, registration, proletarians, restarting, reptilian, caffeine, affiant, prosaic, vuords,
2: antrorsely, conjures, effect,
3: integrators, yearlong, perennial,
4: restoring, resting, tempter, forerun, bolt,
5: cheerful, ornately / Tyrolean, fearless, odour,
6: patroniser, undreamt, royster, jcon, Juno,
7: arresting, Tania,
8: unarmed, 
9: ordeal, round,
10: angriest, refuels, bolis / boils, furore, story, Troys,
11: graven,
12: Ferron,
13: Alferes, files / flies / lifes, roars,
14: Troyes, Lord,
15: reprint / printer, boil,
16: Yale, finale,
17: rotund, rioters (2x), resign / reigns / singer,
18: plainer, refuel,
19: enlarges / Generals, reducex,
20: repairs, uvord, patter, rioter, feels / flees,
21: Leonard, vans,
22: granite, giant.
23: -

proletarians, registration, files, restarting, integrators, affiant, prosaic, words, conjures, yearlong, effect, restoring, perennial, tempter, fearless, cheerful, Tyrolean, bolt, forerun, caffeine, odour, ordeal, angriest, patroniser, arresting, unarmed, round, Juno, undreamt, story, graven, furore, boils, Lord, Leonard, Generals, refuels, roars, rioter, flees, giant, vans.



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