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Nostradamus C3 Q54: Biodiversity suffers through the actions of a bishop in exile.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 3 Quatrain 54 Augmentations Propheticalness Reapplies Thesaural Captions VariednessThe prophecy in this verse involves an episcopant ( ant copies p) / bishop in exile who paganises ( aignes Pas) topics ( t copi) claiming his augmentations apes ( autes montaign - aPes) propheticalness ( nt copies par les l) via poetic ( t copie) captions ( sant copi). Followers of his interpretation cause the death of many creatures in the world and lead to a plunge ( ngue pl) in the variedness ( es viendra ſ) of antigens ( ntaignes) from undersea (ner Deuaſ) sapropelic ( copies par l) organisms and to a rise in plague ( gue pla)  in the world's granaries ( ra ſaigner).

The anagrams that provide the essential material for understanding this verse include:

1. Auspex enslaving apes pleasing Lunes pulsed splurges 
2. Queen regains long gun granaries variedness reapply
3. Augmentations propheticalness paganises episcopant topic  as antigens heals sapropelic segmentations
4. Undersea Satan tout puniest pain gene
Deuaſtant tout et puis en paix regner
# sapropelic: type of mud containing organic material at the bottom of a large stagnant body of water.
One of the greatest ones will flee to Spain
Which will thereafter come to bleed in a long wound
Imitators passing over the high mountains,
Devastating all, and then to reign in peace.
L'vn des plus grans fuira aux Eſpaignes
Qu'en longue playe apres viendra ſaigner
Passant copies par les hautes montaignes
Deuaſtant tout et puis en paix regner
L1: <~sufi pulsed rang ensLaving Sexupara~><svengaLi pauxES / auSpEx furisa pends><sufian aura splurges eLapsing /pLeasing Sex><aria singLe auSpEx>

L2: <regina variednesS repayal><Asia inverSed rape play><repay plague on envies diSarrange><Queer invaderS play lone gun reap gainS><envies drainageS plague repay><lone plunge>granarieS

L3: augmentations Passes a propheticalness><giant aPes episcopant thesaural omens><antigone Pass apes captions><persia heals atoning mutes><Paginates thesaural omens><pipes some thesaural antigens><satans sapropelic (mud dwellers)><antigone copies raphaels mutes><paganises aPes captions><caption Pass apes segmentations>reapplies

L4: <Satan ruedD puniest gene pairx><genDer pairx><Satan tout supine pet rex genDer > <unDerage rex pain><perxian genDer><is put>unDersea reneged
1: propheticalness, augmentations, segmentations, episcopant, enslaving, paginates, Svengali, plaguey, Perxian,
2: sapropelic, paganises, thesaural, reapplies,
3: captions, aganise, Alphares / Alpheras / Raphaels, topic,
4: poetics, repayal, pipes,
5: antigens, puniest, plunge, 
6: variedness, sexupara, undersea, play,
7: Antigone / negation, granaries, nepotic, Vesperin, copies, plague, vipers, fauns,
8: disarrange, drainages, splurges, auspex / pauxes, Parix / pairx,
9: -
10: -
11: elapsing / pleasing, atoning, antigen, mutes, repay, arias,
12: -
13: heals/ hales / shale,
14: supine, revise, lvnes,
15: underage, single, Sufi, aria,
16: Ardas,
17: gains,
18: Satans, vends, spend,
19: -
20: -
21: reneged,
22: giant, passes,
23: Asia.

augmentations, segmentations, enslaving, propheticalness, episcopant, paginates, Svengali, paganises, thesaural, topic, reapplies, poetics, captions, undersea, puniest, sapropelic, antigens, variedness, plunge, granaries, sexupara, play, copies, nepotic, vipers, plague, auspex, disarrange, Paris, splurges, pleasing, atoning, mutes, supine, lvnes, single, Sufi, aria, revise, Satans, gains, reneged, giant, passes, Asia.


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