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Nostradamus C3 Q55: The sacred bloodline is linked to Nerac in Southern France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse point to a locality close to where Nostradamus lived in his thirties. The place is Nerac, the court of the King of Navarre and the king's sister Marguerite d'Angouleme. It is within easy walking distance of Agen and its court, although largely ruined in the aftermath of the republican revolution it is today accessible to the public. The court at Nerac featured in Shakespeares Loves Labour's Lost and it was a place considered by people of the time as being amoral. I visited this court in 2012 and was interested to find on display in one of its towers a portrait of Jules Scaliger of Agen, a patron of Nostradamus. On the plaque accompanying Jules portrait it identifies him as a medical adviser to the court.

The anagrams of this verse lead to a curious conclusion in which Nostradamus' lineage is linked to the story of the royal family based in Nerac.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Nerac gene era unequal clan Leonine line infernal regence near far
En l'an qu'vn oeil en France regnera

locale routes Navar[r]es Court fine by each routes label
La court ſera a vn bien facheux trouble

Masons autonym many true era begarlanded soils regulate
Le grand de Bloys ſon amy tuera

rebel gene regimens enemies misname metal modulate lamented doublet doublet
Le regne mis en mal et doubte double
In the year that one eye will reign in France,
The court will be in very unpleasant trouble:
The great one of Blois will kill his friend:
The realm placed in harm and double doubt.
En l'an qu'vn oeil en France regnera
La court ſera a vn bien facheux trouble
Le grand de Bloys ſon amy tuera
Le regne mis en mal et doubte double

L1: <lEarn nerac gene><inFernal regence uvoqen><nerac genera><regence line Far><qlan gene nEar nerac> leonine

L2: <navare courtS Label touuerx><aLlan-uvebber tour each.courtS fine><court areaS> coLourable

L3: <true anomy (social amorality)><~soyl Branded So reguLate many~><my true graeL a Sons oyl Banded><oyl BegarLanded my true Sons><~BodyleSs autonym reaL danger~>maSons

L4: <men doubt doublet (word pair) is male gene><seeming mental doubt is double Leger( double entry) ><let double doubt misname gene><doubt regimens lament><melanism genre> milanese modulate debt

1: Nerac gene, begarlanded, colourable, Bavarien, modulate,
2: demountable, autonym, infernal, misname, olefine, Navare, anomy,
3: uvoqe, bodyless, doublet, immense,
4: melanism, Bodleys, regimens, branded, Bodley, banded, Masons, regence,
5: seeming,
6: regimen, Boyle, debut,
7: lamented, regulate, , leonine / line-one, courts, doubt, reneger,
8: label, qlan,
9: -,
10: double, many, 
11: Milanese,
12: lament / mental / mantle, Anael, tube,
13: deranged, 
14: court,
15: Doube, enamel,
16: garlanded, chafe,
17: bled,
18: but,
19: astrea, bout,
20: debt,
21: rouble, elfin,
22: outed,
23: trouble, seminal,Caf,

Nerac gene, begarlanded, colourable, Bavarien, modulate, infernal, autonym, misname, Navare, anomy, woke, lamented, immense, bodyless, doublet, regimens, branded, Masons, regence, seeming, regulate, Leonine, courts, clan, many, doubt, double, label, deranged, court, bled, but, debt, elfin, trouble, outed.

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