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Nostradamus C03 Q56: Isis in France comes down hard on mining companies.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The messages within the anagrams are often of a unexpected nature yet when considered alongside the text it is apparent it is the text that has been designed to hide its content. There is a number given in last line but it is not meant to be a year but a quota set for industrial, pharmaceutical and mining companies in France after an invasion by Isis. Montabresite (t Beſier Monta) a mineral named in the anagrams and it is mined near Montauban, a town nominated in the text. The tone of the above can be seen in many adjacent sequences of which a good example is note rise be amount ban saving mines (Montau -ban - Niſme -s Auign -on et - Be -ſ ier). The anagrams tell the story of an attempt to thwart the invaders by falsely reporting initial figures.

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

note best rise be amount misusage ban saving montebrasite mines
Montauban Niſmes Auignon et Beſier

Amperes test tonne potentness regret find maiden false dreams mined
Peste tonnere et gresle a fin de Mars

apprised points only mourn premount prison iller despair
De Paris pont Lyon mur Montpellier

Paris spreads despairs Isus Isis existences pivets
(test instrument) test patriots-sign upraised
Depuis ſix cens et ſept vingts trois pars

montebrasite: a lithium phosphate mineral found in pegmatites - named after the Montebras region of France where it is common.
Montauban, Nimes, Avignon and Beziers,
Plague, thunder and hail in the wake of Mars
Of Paris bridge, Lyons wall, Montpellier,
After six hundreds and seven score three pairs.
Montauban Niſmes Auignon et Beſier
Peste tonnere et gresle a fin de Mars
De Paris pont Lyon mur Montpellier
Depuis ſix cens et ſept vingts trois pars
L1: <More tonne miSusAge Be iN butanan><none ban miSusAge iN MonteBraSite (phosphate mineral)><~note aMount ban riSe Be saving miNeS~><Assume aMount riSe iN ban><ban sAuing one miNeS BeSt aMount>Seism

L2: <elefsina (Greek town in Attica) regret Potentness arMed><~mined false ere sPears /sParse tonne greet><~find regret steep tonne lease smear~><~regret Maiden tonne false stePs><~dreaMs finale er tonne steP greets~>aMPeres infaMed fiend naMed

L3: <Paris not Lyon interpelled (interrupted)><only reaP points><Persia Mourn iDler pelt><pre-Mount onLy iller not aPpriseD><iller prison aPeD><iller DesPair only mourn pet><Pairs relieD><atropins rePlieD>

L4: <iSis Dupes paris><riots sting spreaD up Step v><airports upsiDe exiStences><Step Six scene upsiDe><trvsting petS><or up Despairs>upraiSed
1: Montebrasite, misusage, interpelled, amanuensis, potentness,
2: apprised, Butanan, Elefsina, assume,
3: existences, premount,
4: reappoints, Isis,
5: atropins, despairs,
6: upraised, infamed,
7: -
8: despair, points,
9: find,
10: upside, mined, egrets, greets, bent,
11: amount, spreads,
12: enplot, regret, cxi / xci,
13: alferes,
14: prison, mourn, fiend, amuse, abut,
15: remands, sauing, paired, bites,
16: finale, dupes, false / fleas,
17: regales, relied,
18: ramps, beset,
19: amperes, Renee,
20: maiden, dreams.
21: -
22: -
23: -

Montebrasite, misusage, interpelled, amanuensis, potentness, apprised, Butanan, Elefsina, assume, existences, premount, upraised, infamed, Isis, reappoints, spreads, despair, find, points, mined, upside, amount, bent, cxi / xci, enplot, remands, regret, prison, mourn, fiend, relied, dreams, beset, Renee, maiden.



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