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Nostradamus C3 Q62: Nursemaids son discovers dinosaurs bones in the time of Darius.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 62 Invader from Greece uncovers long known of dinosaur carcass in Pyrenees (Caderonne)One of the most intriguing things I find as I progress to delivering one of Nostradamus' key promises to explain every verse is the totally unexpected nature of the content of many of the verses.

This current one is a good example as it presents the history of the discovery of dinosaur bones from a time well before the modern era.


Finding such evidence should lead to a complete dismissal of all the other things I have found but the story of people having found dinosaur bones in the past is highly plausible and the manner in which it is delivered in the anagrams of line four makes good sense since they say Seem a dinosaur carcass seen, once a nursemaidens son see carcass. The other lines then contribute to this theme by presenting the way in which peoples from different epochs assessed such finds with people of Greece in the time of Darius dismissing the existence of any animal more advanced than plain cows.For more on this topic See C2 Q14 where there are the names of two species of dinosaur Stegosaurian and Pterosaur and C9 Q96 which has anagrams saying Russia centre Dinosaurs reappear.


The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

1. Europa epoch eluded mercy re-enclose clones cry
2. Pre-invaders lesser dangers nomads dreamsongs pyres not seen
3. Past Greece treescape loze zeal plain couus animal true estate
4. Men see a dinosaur carcass once nurse-maidens son uncode
Near the Douro by the closed Tyrian sea,
He will come to pierce the great Pyrenees mountain
One hand shorter his opening glosses,
He will lead his traces to Carcassone.
Poche del duero par mer Cyrrene cloſe
Viendra perſer les grands monts Pyrenees
La main plus courte et ſa percee gloez
A Carcassonne conduira ſes menees

Dinosaur Bones in Greece date back to ancient times but of course not under the modern name:

In Greece, they have found ancient grave sites where a mishmash of odd dinosaur bones have been loosely laid out in the shapes of men. The head might be a mastodon, the arms and legs, put together from mixed dinosaur bones to form a weird extra tall, man shaped skeleton. In Greece, there were fossils so thick that, in places 1000s of bones jutted from the hillsides.

Greek historian Solinus, (c. AD 200) wrote: "Before there were any humans on Pallene, the story goes that a battle was fought between the gods and the giants. (They) Continue to be seen to this day, whenever torrents swell with rain and excessive water breaks their banks and floods the fields. They say that even now in gullies and ravines the people discover bones of immeasurable enormity, like men's carcasses but far bigger."   

L1: <ePochS clone eluded><prearm ePoch louder Cry reencloSe><merCy err encloSe Po><PoleS duel echoed><remap louder Cry><europa led>

L2: <Viennese draperS syntroPe damns><damns panderer enVies leSser Poynters><spy damns driVen Spear not reseen /><seVen Pyres>dreamsongs inVersed Pyrmonts dangers

L3: <~greec apeS animaL true-couplets loze~><greece loze animaL tree paSt couus><our eState><true tree-Scape>

L4: <~seem A dinoSaur Carcass once seen~><~once seen eridanuS seem scars on A arC~><once see dariuS / radiuS semen on A Carcass><once nurSemaids son see a Carcass>Caesar uncode across
1: Greece, eluded,
2: nursemaids, dreamsongs, carcass,
3: dinosaur, epochs, Darius / radius, across,
4: Viennese, nomads, 
5: -
6: Eridanus, mercy,
7: courts, Amelia, loze,
8: Pyrmonts, preinvade, treescape, echoed, scars, cease,
9: poynters / syntrope, epoch, scope,
10: crouus,
11: laze / zeal,
12: animal, Caesar,
13: opera,
14: court, estate,
15: Europa, damns,
16: coutures, spry, seven,
17: drapers, pyres / preys / respy,
18: aduiser, cry,
19: mania,
20: enclose,
21: -
22: capers / pacers / scrape, graels, creep,
23: panderer.

Eridanus, dreamsongs, eluded, Greece, nursemaids, dinosaur, carcass, across, Darius, epochs, nomads, loze, Viennese, courts, mercy, scars, preinvade, treescape, echoed, syntrope, cease, crows, animal, Caesar, zeal, damns, Europa, coutures, estate, seven, pyres, drapers, adviser, panderer, enclose, scope, mania, cry.


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