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Nostradamus C3 Q64: The interaction of Mahomedan Chaldean and Eddic ideas set the poetic tale of Europe's future.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus  C3 Q64 Mahommet Theme Cycles Ancient Rimesters HeptametersThis is the third verse in a row where the issues facing Europe are addressed. The previous two have anagrams for Europa while this has anagrams for Europe(s). While the previous two connected these problems to Asia through the anagram for Europa while the text makes the connection through Mahomet, Perse and the Ionic Ports on the western side of Greece. In the first line of text the name grand Olchade produces some difficulty when trying it to fit it to conventional locations however as a coding device this lettering provides the base for olden chaldee ( nde Ol - chade Le) which describes the ancient people in what is now called Iraq.

Anagrams giving meaning to this verse include:

1. d'Orlean arranged peers fleeched olden Chaldee
2. Mahometen clique rimesters once regent asserts
3. Eddas iller cycles heptameter depart Earth theme
4. Europes longest maps guard Ionic port enquire
Repos long temps au grand port Ionique
# claques: groups of sycophantic followers.
# fleeched: induced with cajoling or flattering words.
chlordane: organachlorine compound used as a pesticide.
The chief of Persia will occupy great Olchades,
The trireme fleet against the Mahometan people
From Parthia, and Media and the Cyclades pillaged
Long rest at the great Ionian port.
Le chef de Perse remplira grande Olchade
Classe trireme contre gent Mahometique
De Parthe et Mede et piller les Cyclades
Repos long temps au grand port Ionique
L1: <Peers clangOred primal head fLeeched>< d'Orlean chaLdee grail><Olden chaLdee><impel arranged><april danger>.<a chlOrdane grail fLeeched>arraigned Presee

L2: <~sCale Mahometen coregent rimester quit~><regent seCret-ceremonials quiet Math> <hateMonger time not come Claques retire><Mahomet coregent mere antheM realists><once Mahomet regent assert Clique rime><coregent rime sCales Meant quiet home> roentgen Clause

L3:<iller hePtaMeter reCycles sadDle><eDdas Cycles theMe DePart / ParteD><theMe PreDates><SPeed theatre deeM><earth Meet sPeeD><leads iller PreheateD Cycles><iller Cycles sPreaD / SpareD the lead / deal>

L4:<euRope Ioniq port longest maps><oslo gent Reequip maps portIon><gent enquiRe maps loops><gent Reequip Into sugar sloop pardon><queer Ion loops>euRopes lepeRous quin
1: secret-ceremonials, hatemonger / thereamong, Eddas cycles, heptameter, preheated, recycles, Ioniq,
2: chlordane, Mahometen, coregent, cycles, longest maps (+4 as composite)
3: rimesters, portion, enloops, primal, anthem,
4: claques, Chaldee, enquire, theatre, loops, teeth,
5: Roentgen, realists, tripod, claque, clay,
6: arraigned, Mahomet, arraign, saddle, theme,
7: clangored, math, ceys,
8: longest, Homam, home,
9: predates, Omah,
10: departs, Solon, retire, ioin,
11: reequip, retries / retires,
12: there, three,
13: fleeched, 
14: grail, rimer, 
15: leperous, scaled,
16: spade, drop, Oslo / solo,
17: pond,
18: clique, Eddas, earth / heart / Thera,
19: Europes,
20: arranged, head,
21: d'Orlean, Leonard, resell, seller,
22: clause, Europe, had,
23: impel.

Eddas cycles, heptameter, rimesters, portion, hatemonger, secret-ceremonials, recycles, anthem, Mahometen, coregent, longest maps, enloops, Ioniq port, clangored, primal, chlordane, enquire, Chaldee, theme, predates, Solon, theatre, Roentgen, realists, math, ceys, arraigned, claques, fleeched, departs, home, join, clique, reequip, grail, Europes, head, retire, arranged, clause, impel, d'Orlean, Leonard, resell, Oslo, pond.

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