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Nostradamus C3 Q66: Da Vinci Angevins and the story of the mortal bloodline of Christ.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 3 Quatrain 66 Death desrved not die Masonism Angevins artifices vindicating Lords NameAmongst the ciphers used by Nostradamus in his texts one of the most common is that of blood which consistently links verses whose hidden focus is on both the Angevin Royal lineage and a cult that believes Christ's line exists through this genetic stream. This verse contains many potent anagrams amongst which include Leonard ( d'Orlean) da Vinci (vindica) , a older Masonism ( d'Oler -a -ns mis a mo), Angevins ( e ſang vin) and Sofia ( faiſo). This is backed by powerful references to mortalism ( mis a mort L),  immortals ( mis a mort L), mortals, Lord names moralist ( lOrd - names - is a mort L). And then there are anagrams for Lord, Lords-name and sanctified. Such complexity and diversity is nigh impossible to explain by chance alone especially when weighed against the fact that there are many verses telling different parts of this same story. And in this verse the Bailiff of Orleans seems to be a substitute for the crucified Christ.

Anagrams which allow this verse to be reconstructed include:

 1. Masonism bargained Moiras fill older immortals Lord names
2. Angevins vindicating Da-Vinci artifices under sanctified spear Moiras fit 
3. Doomster merit entire armour mourner stored near spear
4. Despised inmates disseminate animals small cap so it fit Sofia

# Angevins: a family that was famous for its accumulation of kingdoms, principalities and dukedoms, across Europe.
# Moiras: three Greek Goddesses of destiny equivalent to the Roman Parcae, English Fates and Nordic Norns.
The great Bailiff of Orleans put to death
Will be by one of blood revengeful
Of death deserved he will not die, nor by chance
He made captive poorly by his feet and hands.
Le grand Baillif d'Orleans mis a mort
Sera par vn de ſang vindicatif
De mort merite ne mourra ne par Sort
Des pieds et mains malle faiſoit captif.
L1: <learns mortaLism / immortaLs anger Bad if dO ill><i fill Band mortaLise lOrd names> <ill Bargained mortaL miss an Ordeal><a older Bargained masonism fill ><~Bad anger nomalised if MortaL ill~><~moralist fill Older mans Bargained ~><lOrd names moiras><Large Band fill Older aLmonries normaLise><mortaL danger if minerals Do ill><leOnard miss mortaL anger fill Band>

L2: <fearS vindicating daneS><da-vinci agenS faireSt><d' angevinS artificeS> <Saving Sanctified rape rvna><Spare angevinS fatidic rvna> <~if invading act Svnder a Spear~> davinci 

L3: <~armour retirement preDatorS omen~><moDeratorS preenumeration term><entire armour><more termite preDatorS mourner><~our rite ran tremor ape men StorMed~> ran><entire DoomSter term><enumerator pen timer moDe>

L4: <i fit pact Despised animals Sofia met><espied in small teams><pact spieD fit small dementias><mans speediest aim fell><despite mans aim fisteD pact fell>disseminate
1: preenumeration, vindicating, sanctified, normalised, moderators, invading, apositic, Masonism, abrading, doomster, despised, diving, florid, mourner, small,
2: retirement, speediest, da Vinci, fatidic, trimeter, refold,
3: disseminate, enumerator, almonries / normalise, saving,
4: immortals / mortalism, artifices, bargained, Angevins, despise, Sofia,
5: moralist, stormed, acid,
6: predators, minerals, animals / Manasil, fairest / Sefirat,
7: dementias, diactin, Mideast, despite, Bandar, strife, maims, fill,
8: Lords-name, mortalise, fell,
9: mortals, ordeal, mall,
10: espied, bad,
11: -
12: almoners, fiats,
13: roars,
14: unrare, Lord,
15: tremor, vnder,
16: Moiras, amiss, Albi / Bali,
17: -
18: Milans, vends, mates / teams,
19: brand,
20: inmates, spied, fires,
21: Leonard,
22: mortal,
23: seminal, Sefira,

pre-enumeration, vindicating, sanctified, Masonism, moderators, normalised, invading, doomster, abrading, small, florid, mourner, speediest, retirement, under, Moiras, fatidic, trimeter, Leonard, da Vinci, disseminate, immortals, bargained, artifices, Angevins, despise, Sofia, moralist, stormed, acid, diactin, minerals, maims, predators, fairest, Mideast, animals, despite, Bandar, strife, Lords-name, fill, mortals, ordeal, bad, fiats, espied, almoners, tremor, Lord, brand, inmates, fires, amiss.


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