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Nostradamus C3 Q67: Death Motivations that underlie the creation of many sects.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 67  New sct of philosophers Delphis Sephirot reassignment selected essenian hopes mastering heretics rcruitsIn this verse Nostradamus illustrates his understanding of the religious forces that underpin the creation of new sects. He sees the primitive forces at work that will constantly bubble up from ancient streams of thought.


This verse is not restricted to one particular time but is a vision covering many sects over several centuries including those in France in the sixeenth century.


This contains the only anagram in the Prophecies for Delphi (de Phil) which is the source of Caepio's gold as mentioned in C8 Q29.  This current verse is another member of the gold series. The content in the text identifies an emerging group of thinkers that reject many commonly-held values while the anagrams it contains in its middle lines suggest they are Essenian (ains ne ſe) heretics (et richeſ).

The anagrams for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

1. Philo's hopes seven Delphi selected now uuell polished
Empress matrons scrutineer honor northern Persians premises  ensure recruits richest heretics
3. Essenian Sephirot reassignment limit Demons garments sense
4. UUeary patron lessen usury reseals puppetry type
A new sect of Philosophers
Despising death, gold, honors and riches
Not be bordering upon the German mountains:
To follow them they will have power and crowds.
Vne nouuelle ſecte de Philoſophes
Meſpriſant mort or honneurs et richeſſes
Des monts Germains ne ſeront limitrophes
A les ensuyure auront appuy et preſſes.
  1. <seVen hoopS nouu delPhi Selected><Philo hopeS enuuoVen><PoliSh(ed) hopes>
  2. <he recruits none othr ><She iMpreSSes scrutineer><PerSianS richest MeSs ensure><Seems hereticS><PerSiaS richest rune honor MeSSes><eMpreSS Saint hone richeSt motor rune>
  3. <milton sephirot st-Germain / mastering Demons Seen> <norSe strophe limit Demons reassiGnment><maGister Demons><eSsenian Germ not><remains monGst>
     <~inornateneSs not limit Germs seeDs-morph~ ><Norse strophe limit demons garments in sense>
  4. <type up SeerS uueary patron leAse><usury enseAls><As lessen SeerS puppetry><uueary patron retypes up SeAls><selenus uueary patron>
  1. 1: Delphi, polished, Sephirot, reassignment, puppetry
  2. 2: hoops, enuuoven , Polish, scrutineer, Magister, strophe, mongst, inornateness, uueary, retypes
  3. 3: selected, recruits, garments, impresses,  mastering, messes
  4. 4: honor, heretics
  5. 5: hopes, Milton, Essenian, germs, Selenus
  6. 6: Philo
  7. 7: Empress, motor, usury
  8. 8: horn, limit, type, enseals
  9. 9: -  10: richest   11:-   12:-  13: patrons  14:-  15: Persians   !6:-   17: demons.  18: seven
  10. richest
  11. -
  12. -
  13. patrons
  14. -
  15. Persians
  16. -
  17. Demons
  18. seven
  19. -
  20. -
  21. -
  22. lessen

Delphi, polished, Sephirot, reassignment, puppetry, hoops, enwoven, Polish, Magister, scrutineer, Selenus, strophe, mongst, garments, inornateness, weary, recruits, retypes, selected, impresses, St-Germain, mastering, messes, honor, heretics, hopes, Milton, Essenian, germs, limit, patrons, usury, richest, Persians, enseals.



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