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Nostradamus C3 Q68: European rebels foolishly rely on an astrologers timing.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q86 Leaderless people throughout Italy and Spain driven by death within the pensinsula betray their dictator only to find thmselves swimming in bloodThis verse details a story of a political group that organises a rebellion against those in power but who foolishly rely on an astrologer in their ranks for their timing. This faulty mechanism requires Mars to be at its furthest points in Orion and Taurus.

The anagrams providing the means of reconstructing this prophecy include:

1. Tidal apsides feeds passing gene Pilate Seneschal pulses detail
2.Ossene promoters seed Norse Eddan glif Hercles Moses Calends
3. Rule deliuer Graphiel tract free of phratria lie
4. Austerer gang reap out angels regalness Taura altar treasure

# Graphiel: in ceremonial magic this name represents the planetary intelligence of Mars.
# Seneschal: highest administration officer in a great house or institution.
phratria: In ancient Greek members of a group whose aim was to bring together those with common interests in the control of power. The smallest kinship units within such a group were called genes.
# Ossenes: a name used in ancient times to refer to a part of the Essene cult.

Apsides: table showing the points when planets are closest and furthest from the sun.
Leaderless people of Spain and Italy
Dead, overcome within the Peninsula
Their dictator betrayed by irresponsible folly,
Swimming in blood everywhere in the latitude.
Peuple ſans chef d'Eſspaigne et d'Italie
Morts profligez dedans le Cherroneſſe
Leur dict trahi par legiere folie
Le ſang nager par tout a la trauerſe.
L1: <fEd up Seneschal paSsing><i paSsEd gene> tIdal apSidEs

L2: <seneChal SeeS norn storM profil><proMoters gilf Cheers norSe lands zeed><SoMe norSe eddan herCles><oSSene (ancient Essene) storM><frogile ports dazed><MoSeS nero Calends her glif zeed>

L3: <~phratria ruled liege ic (99) forelie~><i ruLed lie of graphiel (Mars) tract><rigel tract deLliuer free oil>april liege

L4: <gang ruSe enSeal praetor art><treaSure angLeS part out range><regaLneSS part out anger / range><~eLSe gang sure rape at an altar tour~><altar generaLneSS part out rage>
1: Graphiel, promoters, passing,
2: generalness, phratria, Seneschal, forelie,
3: Raphaeil,
4: Senechal, apsides, pariah,
5: harelip, tidal,
6: regalness, Hercles / lechers, Pilate, dazed, tract,
7: passed,
8: enseals, Ossene,
9: -
10: apsis,
11: austerer / treasure, gang,
12: -
13: deliuer, lecher / Hercle, Moses,
14: calends, glif,
15: releases, Rigel, foil (2x),
16: -
17: feeds,
18: scans,
19: liege, Taura,
20: Chesel,
21: hip,
22: altar,
23: cleans / lances, reliue / reuile, floe.

phratria, Seneschal, passing, Graphiel, promoters, generalness, forelie, apsides,Raphaeil, harelip, pariah, regalness, tract, passed, apsis, Ossene, gang, enseals, deliver, Moses, tidal, calends, gliph, feeds, Taura, Rigel, scans, releases, altar, treasure, liege, reviles.


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