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Nostradamus C3 Q69: Father and son settle with their nemesis over a pollution war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Underlying this verse is the secret tale of a war started over pollution of the oceans. The pollution is by methanol and the fires it that follow from it while the war is one led by a heroic figure whose father will be part of that war. This parent will be responsible for achieving his sons release, the liberation of their armies and a treaty between them and their greatest nemesis but in the modern setting the nemesis is Islam while the people having most influence on his fate are the women that surround the father.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

danger exocentric conceit noticed induct part Jove wence argue
Grand exercite conduict par jouuenceau

divineress rare missive render USA main aim maidens sensed nemesis
Se viendra rendre aux mains des ennemis

my power-came Islam misvalue evil ill art any way due
Mais le vieillart nay au demy pourceau

Telamon ancestors asterisms resonate fear reach a molten oceans stream
Fera Chalon et Maſcon eſtre amis

# Artemis: the virgin goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, maidens, virginity, childbirth, animals, wildlife, hills, and "The Guardian of Children".
Telamon: A Greek warrior hero who together with several of his sons (borne from different mothers) fought in the Trojan War.
The great army led by a young man,
It will come to surrender itself into the hands of his enemies
But the old one born to the half-pig,
He will cause Chalon and Macon to be friends.
Grand exercite conduict par jouuenceau
Se viendra rendre aux mains des ennemis
Mais le vieillart nay au demy pourceau
Fera Chalon et Maſcon eſtre amis
L1: <exocentric danGer><part j ouue counted ic (to) ci rex danger><pict eduction><Grand reexcite> arGue conceit noticed pact induct

L2: <a divinereSs render uxa aim maidens end men seed> <needs mines variedneSs render uxa aim><invader nemeSis render uxa main needs><uxa maidens render a nemeSis driven><rare Seism envied>

L3: <any ill art><recoup my due><Misvalue a cure><any literal aiMs evil / vile / veil >islaM veils

L4: <~oceanS Methanol Stream is FarCe~><once aSterisms (Meant fear / taMe halo Farce)> <monaSteries note ScaM Farce><telaMon (father of Ajax) / Meton anceStorS reaCh><anceStorS aim Free a Molten arCH><once maSter Fires><eaStern / neareSt MaScot alone ChaFer aims><armies ><Fear enterS aims>
1: practice-introduce, emissive, exocentric, methanol, misvalue, missive,
2: divineress, alchornea,
3: monasteries, Telamon,
4: conceit, mascot, halo,
5: noticed, counted,
6: variedness, ancestors,
7: reexcite, Tanya, scam,
8: incocted, eduction, Serafim, chafer,
9: asterism, endx, 
10: resonate,
11: -
12: neuu,
13: enstream, induct, literal, molten,
14: Artemis,
15: nemesis, oceans, farce,
16: maidens, sensed,
17: amuxe,
18: mates / teams, sends,
19: reiect / recite,
20: Islam, alone, fires, mast,
21: -
22: recoup, master / stream,
23: Sefira.

practice-introduce, exocentric, methanol, monasteries, misvalue, divineress, missive, Artemis, noticed, Telamon, conceit, counted, ancestors, variedness, mascot, halo, reexcite, Tanya, scam, incocted, literal, Serafim, asterism, resonate, new, molten, nemesis, oceans, maidens, farce, sensed, amuse, Islam, fires, asends, Sefira, stream.



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