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Nostradamus C3 Q70: Details of time and person in UK legal dispute.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse complements C2 Q.51 which introduces the legal dispute that lies behind the rise of religious sects who then take guerilla actions against the naval might of the UK.

In the current verse the anagrams develop this theme by implying the turning to guerilla tactics at a time when there are great floods. An anagram for Hainaut ( haut a in) in the second line relates to a name with ties to the lineage of UK royals. The relevance of this tie is delivered by an anagram for genomic (igne com) found in the first line.

Philippa Hainaut arrived in England in December 1327 escorted by her uncle, John of Hainaut, she was married to Edward III at York Minster, on 24 January 1328 and thence became Queen of England.

Anagrams that can help in giving this verse meaning include:
berating enlarged prominences danger genomic giant recompensing impersonal angel elegant let[t]er
Le grand Bretaigne comprinſe l'Angleterre

six Hainaut driven on in invader rape era
Viendra par eaux ſi haut a inonder

guerilla genu few nefandous
(unspeakable) feud USA argue unforseen
La ligue neufue d'Auſonne fera guerre

Bertrand conquer enter use LXVI
(66) envied evilness Barton driven
Que contre eux ils ſe viendront bander
The great Britain including England
Will come to be flooded very high by waters
The new League of Ausonia will make war,
So that they will come to strive against them.
Le grand Bretaigne comprinſe l'Angleterre
Viendra par eaux ſi haut a inonder
La ligue neufue d'Auſonne fera guerre
Que contre eux ils ſe viendront bander

L1: <genomic Band rate enspiral><recompenSing irate Band><Bernard geomantic><elegAnt lineS err><triage prominenceS><gentler imperSonAl enLarger> Bertrand tAnger Berating AlienS

L2: <hainaut (part UK Royals bloodline) enVironed Six><~ uxa inVader rape unrationed Shia~><anointed driVen> Vendor

L3: <A unforSeen feud urge a gueriLLa><none fear uSA feud gueriLla urge><reaL guile><feuu argue nefAndous (not to be spoken of)<gueriLla argue>

L4: <barton enter conQuered devilneSs><lxui (lxvi= 66) enter><executioner band not less driven><conQuer extruSiles [things able to be drawn out]> evilneSs / vileneSs counter Queer environed

1: recompensing, prominences, impersonal, geomantic, guerrilla, geomanci, Bertrand,
2: complainers, nefandous, extrusile, genomic,
3: unforseen, vendor,
4: unrationed, berating, anointed, Bernard,
5: guerilla, evilness / vileness / veinless, coinage, leauing, unagile, nouns,
6: conquer, lxui (lxvi=66)
7: Barton, Odinn,
9: environed (2x), xui / xiu,
10: -,
11: gentler, anion,
12: nonvaried,
13: enspiral, gentle,
14: triage,
15: nation,anoint,
16: -,
17: -, 
18: -,
19: reargue, brand, guile,
20: -,
21: Shia,
22: granite, giant, Iona,
23: uuade, Berta, \

geomantic, prominences, recompensing, impersonal, guerilla, Bertrand, nefandous, vendor, complainers, berating, unforseen, genomic, extrusile, Bernard, anointed, coinage, evilness, Odinn, incocted, leauing, unagile, LXVI ,conquer, gentler,nation, elegant, maidens, sensed, enspiral, Shia, reargue, brand.


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