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Nostradamus C3 Q71: Army in Hormuz Strait awaits war with northern hordes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse identifies the islands to which France should not expand. In this instance the island is Hormuz in the Gulf of Arabia and its strategic importance relates to a time when America will invade Iran. See my paper called American Disaster for more on this future tale.

The anagrams from which the expansion of the text comes include:

excused lands illnesses golden sieges lodgement maps
Ceux dans les iſles de long temps aſſiegez

Empires end revo[l]ting ru[l]e counterforce enter Montpensier omnipresent  prisonment
Prendront vigueur force contre ennemis

excuse raped hordes gulf of Hormos foresaid aim
Ceux par de hors mors de faim profligez

Jaque monetarisms storminess innermost misassertion  mentions plunges Rand fad aim
En plus grand faim que jamais ſeront mis

# Monpensier: an additional title borne by many members of the Bourbon and Orlean lines. Prior to the revolution it was a name given to many female members of the Royal family.
# Golden horde: a term used for the south western part of 13th century Mongolian empire which covered many lands north of Turkey.
Hormoz: An island in the Strait of Hormuz that became the residence of the ruler of the coastal town of Hormos in the fourteenth century as a means of evading the marauding Mongolians from the North.
Those in the isles long besieged
Will take vigor and force against their enemies
Those outside dead overcome by hunger,
They will be put in greater hunger than ever before
Ceux dans les iſles de long temps aſſiegez
Prendront vigueur force contre ennemis
Ceux par de hors mors de faim profligez
En plus grand faim que jamais ſeront mis
L1: <maps get SeigeS olden illneSses> <lands exCuze SeigeS> <aSepSis illneSses Caudex lodgement> <get olden illneSses SpaSms>

L2: <furore concert> <once enter mines> <concrete Premise for enn greuu> <emPires counterforce undervoting>

L3: <aim deforms horse / shore> <exCuze glif of hormos priam drape> <moors disfame> <rhodes / hordes / herods sefdom> foresaid

L4: <norSe timEs jaque aims> < omniprEsent amiSs> <pEn Storminess> <mEntions plugs ariSes> <jaque monetariSm><lumpinEss aSsertion> <inneErmost plugs> <pen misaSsertion><jaque montpEnsier aim amiSs><jaue aim Storminess plungEs> prisonmEnt monaSteries
1: counterforce, outgiven, deforms / serfdom,
2: misassertion, monetarisms, omnipresent / Montpensier, prisonment, lumpiness, foresaid, voting, Hormos, Jaque,
3: lodgements, concrete, impasses, excuzed, spasms,
4: hoarders, plunges, disfame, excuze (2x), moors / rooms,
5: storminess, innermost, mentions, spasm,
6: longest-maps, lodgement, concert,
7: assertion, illnesses,
8: -
9: moisten, asepsis, Priam, Herod, fades, ajam,
10: furore, jam,
11: -
12: -
13: caudex,
14: monsters, slides, glif,
15: sieges, heard, foil,
16: golden, Herods / hordes / Rhodes, amiss,
17: fad,
18: Messia,
19: empires / premise, primes,
20: -
21: greuu,
22: herd.

serfdom, counterforce, omnipresent, monetarisms, misassertion, Montpensier, prisonment, foresaid, voting, lumpiness, excused, jaque, Gulf of Hormos, concrete, lodgements, impasses, spasms, hoarders, disfame, excuse, plunges, longest-maps, mentions, innermost, storminess, asepsis, illnesses, jam, caudex, concert, moisten, Priam, Herod, furore, fades, empires, golden, hordes, sieges, grew, horse, herds.

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