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Nostradamus C3 Q74: Influence of patrons on Nostradamus retelling of the End of Days stories.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q74 Itailian cities in disagreement and relishing the plight of neighbours who complain about the treatment of their chief.This is one of only three verses holding an anagram of eschaton ( t a ſon che) which is an ancient term used for the end of days. This verses structure is such as to suggest it refers to the interest of Nostradamus' patrons in the Prophet retelling in a futuristic setting the old term stories of the end of days. There are other anagrams that God (going by the pseudonym Eloim) is the sole enforcer of time.

Anagrams useful for rebuilding the intended prophecy include:

1. Self plan enforce Eloim time uance entice
2. Norse tenet enter meter redeems resentment deletes leaflets false heresy riches
3. Equip our capilare uuhere 'maxila-rule' quell olden uxe
4. Fair actions  Occitans reequip Eschaton planetic acidulant

Naples, Florence, Faenza and Imola,
They will be on terms of such disagreement
As to delight in the wretches of Nola
Complaining of having mocked its chief.
Naples Florence Fauence et Imole
Seront en termes de telle faſcherie
Que pour caplaire aux malheureux de Nolle
Plainct d'auoir faict a ſon chef moquerie.
L1: <tIme aloNe><enForce eloIm (name of God) selF PLAn><motIle plaNes><omIt plaNe Floes>oIlmeN Fence

L2: <norSe ten meters deletes falSe richeS><redeems rotten leaflet richeS><resentment roSe><eldest term falSe><chaferS tell not riSe>

L3: <oldeN uxe> <No pouuer Qell><uuhere eNdx><reduxe oN Quell april recoup>

L4: <Peril antic auoid fair actionS><occitanS auoid fair antic><auoid Planetic><choSen mofque><eSchaton mofque><enochS/choSen act fair auoid><mofque Peril> <acidulant ripe>Peurile
1: resentment,
2: leaflets, mofque,
3: self-enforce, acidulant, Eschaton, auoid,
4: Occitans, pelican, qell,
5: planetic, faces,
6: redeems,
7: adiunct, actions, motile, chosen, Enochs, oilmen,
8: enforce, peurile, quell, fell,
9: Eloim, endx,
10: -,
11: reequip, deletes, uuhere,
12: coast,
13: riches, floes, clap,
14: chafes,
15: fence, aeria,
16: false / fleas,
17: aerial, amuxe,
18: Enoch,
19: eldest,
20: reduxe, alone,
21: omit, face,
22: recoup, Dreux,
23: -.

Mosque, resentment, self enforce, acidulant, leaflets, Occitans, avoid, planetic, faces, adjunct, motile, actions, chosen, redeems, peurile, Eschaton, ends where, Elhim, quell, coast, re-equips, deletes, floes, aerial, riches, eldest, Enoch, alone, omit.

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