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Nostradamus C3 Q77: Paraclete, Pentecost and claims of ossuary miracles resulting in the Savior
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

1558 Nostradamus Henry Epistle HEE2 Climate quoteList of Nostradamus Verses linked to Epistle HEE2 Climate quoteIn the text of the the first line of verse C3 Q77 it says The third climate under Aries. This provides a direct link to the quote in the epistle shown alongside. It also provided the final clue I needed when assessing the poetic mechanism of attribute replacement held in the anagrams of the first pair in this series. The Praclete verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesI deduced that the stories are presented within five frameworks.   Hence the content in the text and anagrams of this verse which references a third climate  provide guidance as to the third major religious story line.

The rarest of the anagrams in this verse (vignettes and Pentecost) provide the basis for my pairing this verse with C4 Q13 where there is an anagram of extreme rarity for Pentecostalism. By the strength of the connection between these entries in this pair  it is apparent that this theme identifies the start of the trail that discloses modern efforts to resurrect a Jesus like being using relics sourced from the original Pentecost events.pentecost vignettes paraclete extract from Nostradamus verse c3 q77

The contents of the text in the fourth line of the current verse Conflict, death, loss: to the cross great shame hint at the claim made above. The plausibility of this hidden religious story line is heightened by its critical anagrams being the rarest and hence most plausible in this current verse

The religious cohesion and rarity of these anagrams when combined with this texts reference to 'death, loss to the cross great shame' also makes the Paraclete term an appropriate key cipher for any story occurring in the annual setting of Pentecost. Paraclete which is an  alternate name for the Holy Ghost is another of highly powerful anagrams in this current verse  The anagrams for Pentecost ( L2: t sept en Oc), Paraclete (L4: perte a la c), ossuaries (L1: ſous Aries) and miracles (L1: ers clima) all have two other occurrences but in differing verses which makes their very appropriate appearance here all the more notable.

 Nostradamus Centuries 3 Quatrain 77 Lord Jesus Foresent BabyThe Paraclete aka the Holy Ghost or Spirit  will also provide a branch that emerges from this current layering and the trail it marks out will be based on this particular verse of what can now be called the Pentecost layer.

There are other  important and some less rare anagrams that add substance to the picture. Vignettes which lies adjacent to the anagram for Pentecost is a term referring to a a brief evocative description, account, or episode. Hence its presence at that location enhances the probability that these anagrams are the deliberate product of the author of this verse and they distinctly mark his modern trail covering a Paraclete style leader. It is these scene defining terms that ties it to C5 Q26

Other anagrams such as relics and splinter have a lower credibility because they are nor rare or complex yet cannot go unmentioned  given the prominence of the anagram for ossuaries

This verse is also one of several that contains a specific date. However these 'well defined dates' are not part of the astronomy mechanism by which Nostradamus normally builds his calendar. Here the date is likely to be a cipher generator not a calendar device.


DATA section

There is also a verse C5 Q26 which has an anagram for Paraclet(eus) and relevant other key words but I have found no other variants than these:

C3 Q77

The third climate included under Aries
The year 1727 in October,
The King of Persia captured by those of Egypt:
Conflict, death, loss: to the cross great shame.
Le tiers climat ſous Aries comprins
L'an mil sept cens vingt et sept en Octobre
Le Roy de Perſe par ceux d'Egypte prins
Conflit mort perte a la croix grand opprobre
  1. <resiLient claim comprise><Lines So it comprise ursA miracles><relics spLinter Sauior aim comes><relics spLinter usA atomS rise>oSsuAries reclimatise taoiSm maoiSt
  2. <Once Lamberton plies><splenetic (bad tempered) vignettes (minor stories)><setting v (five) boreaL (northern) pentecOst><simple Lane><vesting step><spelt mineraL> vetting
  3. <interLoPers preyed><PrepareS cue x (ten)><rEtyping RoLes Spear excur><Spear oRe spLinter preyed><Seer redePloy><RedePLoy spear reducEx pretyping>
  4. <onCe lift report><paraclete or dragon prop ix (nine)><latter-poem><confer orb>pond pardon omit
1: reclimatise, pretyping, Pentecost, comprise, preyed,
2: vignettes, vetting, 
3: Paraclete, resilient, ossuaries, miracles, reclaims, vesting, testing, setting, maoist, taoism, mcli,
4: interlopers, Lamberton, listeners, claim,
5: redeploys, deployer, redeploy, eyedrop, prepares,
6: illname, atoms,
7: splinter (2x), Dryope, Beorc,
8: boreal, type,
9: splenetic, flection, Croix,
10: carlo,
11: mineral, caries,
12: R-Leonis, dragon, confer, comes,
13: tireless, relics,
14: impels / simple,
15: listener, sauior,
16: sorely, 
17: pond,
18: Milans, Timor, excur, lift,
19: reducex,
20: Septet, mast,
21: omit,
22: report/ porter, capers / pacers / scrape, spelt,
23: -.

retyping, Paraclete, spear, Pentecost, reclimatise, ossuaries, relics, comprise, spenetic, vignettes, prepares, interlopers, testing, resilient, claim, excur, mineral, atoms, splinter, confer, boreal, dragon, comes, tireless, Savior, impels, listener, Milans, pond, report, omit.

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