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Nostradamus C3 Q80: Engish gasoline researcher discovers basis for an upsurge in evolution.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story in this verse expresses the concern Nostradamus has of the effect an indigen (native) of both St Remy and Agen has upon the world (i.e. himself). He foresees a time when a man from England who does research for the gasoline (e Anglois) industry changes his dircetion when he notices unusual genetic change occurring in the oceans.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

underage Agen indigen long gene assured enaggelion ending need gasoline oils chases idling
Du regne Anglois l'indigne de chasse

clones enclose iller pair ramifies primaries semi-failure counsel
Le conſeiller par ire mis a feu

Seas shared Snorrian basis botanists careers abstractions traces
Ses adherans iront ſi bas tracer

equable star base retards daydreamers Remy remedy dreamy mercy queue
Que le bastard ſera demy receu

# enaggelion: Gk- 'glad tidings' - translated as 'gospel' in religious settings.
ramifies: spreading out and dividing into branches or subdivisions.

The worthy one chased out of the English realm,
The adviser through anger put to the fire
His adherents will go so low to efface themselves
That the bastard will be half received.
Du regne Anglois l'indigne de chasse
Le conſeiller par ire mis a feu
Ses adherans iront ſi bas tracer
Que le bastard ſera demy receu
L1: <Agen chased isiL ending long Duress><enaggelion (gospel) duress need sliding><urgeD gAsoline need idling seas><isil assureD ending Along gene><Agen urged long seas ending isiL><each ending oils gene Duress> <idling seas losing unDerage><assureD gene is Along idling need> <~sliding oil end gAngrene chase~>

L2: <oneS iller feculae (excrement) misrepair><ill raper encLoSe semifailure> <paler counSel lie> <once fueL aims / armies> <safe rime cLue> <primaries> ramifies

L3: <Seers abStractions heard> <~irans botaniSts shared careerS~> <~retraceS irans baSis not shared~> <obtainS irans star><snorrian bitS star adheres><~bitS trace as snorrian Seers head~> <createS basiS shared>

L4: <remedy readS star cue> <tables Queue> <read mercy Queue> <remy dreadS eQuable Star><daydreamerS uueeQ tables>
1: daydreamers, abstractions, semi-failure, primaries, sliding, ramifies, idling, feculae,
2: enaggelion, botanists, Snorrian, deigned, dreamy, remedy,
3: equable,
4: remy / ryme,
5: obtains, counsel, useable, shared,
6: indigen, ending, adheres / sheared, abates, mercy,
7: retraces, 
8: gangrene, Serafim, 
9: shades (2x), crater / tracer, heads, hades,
10: gasoline, assured, careers, queue / uueeq,
11: harden,
12: stable / tables,
13: duress,
14: basis, rimer,
15: underage, heard,
16: retards / traders, Caesers, bits,
17: -
18: chased, dreads / sadder,
19: -
20: head, enclose.
21: -
22: -
23: -

daydreamers, abstractions, semi-failure, sliding, primaries, ramifies, idling, feculae, botanists, enaggelion, deigned, Snorrian, dreamy, remedy, equable, obtains, useable, counsel, indigen, shared, mercy, abates, ending, Serafim, gangrene, shades, gasoline, careers, assured, harden, queue, tables, basis, underage, traders, chased, sadder, bits, Caesers, heard.


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