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Nostradamus C3 Q81: Rail bridge spreads superape gene across a continent.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

List of verses in Superape seriesThis verse details the manner in which a new superape that is the product of genetic manipulation spreads its seed across the continent, crossing from one place to another by rail. It is in this series because it holds an angram for this superape (e peur pa┼┐_mee Le pont ) and as can be seen  via the content in the brackets that term is adjacent to a rare anagram for elopement.

This verse is paired with C9 Q42 because of its themes and it being the only other verse with an anagram for elopements. The implication is that a singular event of that description plays a disproportionate part in the wars that determine survival of the new species.

It should be noted that only anagrams can carry the content that defines the century to which this verse applies. It is not possible for modern aspects to be presented in a precise way within the text without access to language of the time; the best that can be achieved is based on  current allusion and similarities.

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q81 Superape series Elopement Mucopeptide Acid GranulesThis verse does carry modern terminology in its anagrams which places it beyond the understanding of people prior to this century.

It is quite specific as to which modern field it applies. It is both specific in referencing biologic chemistry and in restricting the content to a narrow use.. This narrowness of selection in such a definable way is what gives the terms any value at all.

The two anagrams are pneumotropic (pont rompu cite) and mucopeptide (ompu cite de p). The image belows shows one of numerous occasion where these terms are used in modern science descriptions. The pneumotropic term defines the site of infection while mucopeptide relates to the chemical structure found in bacterial cell walls. Each only occurs in this verse and they do so in the fourth line.  It is also in that line that the adjacent anagrams for deceit superape elopement occurs.

Example of mucopeptide pneumotropic reference in modern biology of virusesIt should also be noted the extract from the research paper shown alongside is presented in the context of using genetic material within viruses to combat disease.

However in this verse the context is that the high hopes raised within the new superape species of human acceptance is discovered to be deceitful leading to them eloping to prevent their right to breed being chemically removed.

# pneumotropic: having an affinity for lung tissue-  murein pneumotropic virus protein is beng investigated for use in gene therapy.
mucopeptide: protein crystal structure in bacterial cell-wall containing three altrenating amino sugars and a chain of peptides with three to five amino acids.
Haredi: a stream of Judaism with a strictly orthodox lifestyle and beliefs.
The great shameless, audacious bawler,
He will be elected governor of the army
The boldness of his contention,
The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.
Le grand criarſans honte audacieux
Sera eſleu gouuerneur de l'armee
La hardieſſe de ſon contentieux
Le pont rompu cite de peur paſmee
L1: <honest / ethnos arianS uxe Large cauda (tail)><acrid Lux anger>

L2: <~leagueS ouuner rue Seer Emerald><ruled neuuer releaSes go><Seer endure arm leagueS uuore>

L3:<~contention raiLheadS uxe SeedS~><uxe Seed So continent raised><Lax Son Seed Shadier continent><condoneS deSireS><Lax Son unite haredi SeedS><encodeS SideS><uxe intent>

L4: <reSample pnemotropic><Same pure mucopeptide><Superape eLopement cited><Same upper diet/ tide><mapS pure deceit><pauper computeri-Sed><pauper meLeeS deceit><i-computed>proton
1: pneumotropic, mucopeptide, lieutenantx, continent, railheads,
2: contention, elopements, condones, railhead, paupered, Aldhira, caudate, paupers, Harald, desires, superapes,
3: shadier, cauda, upper, melee,
4: superape,
5: ethnos / honest, acid,
6: unitex, intent, Arians, Noahs,
7: leagues, reneuu,
8: content, resample, leaguers, Haredi,
9: -
10: acrid,
11: arias, lax,
12: enplot, pauper, rerun,
13: glues, melees, Semele, hard,
14: emerald, release,
15: releases,
16: proton, deceit,
17: encodes,
18: ouuner, ramps, -
19: amperes,
20: -
21: -
22: -

pneumotropic, mucopeptide, acid, continent, railhead, lieutenants, contention, condones, paupers, elopements, Aldhira, upper, cauda, shadier, desires, melee, superape, honest, intent, unites, Arians, leagues, renew, Noahs, content, resample, Haredi, enplot, melees, lax, pauper, rerun, acrid, glues, hard, emerald, owner, encodes, deceit, releases, proton.

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