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Nostradamus C3 Q83: Designer drugs affect a nations greatness.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C3 Q83 Older regions of southern France used cuprous brominates to protect from microbean infections when captured.In  this verse there are anagrams for occasion ( Acco ions), equating ( gent Aquit) and position ( itions Po) that lay a definitive frame. There is a consistent meaning in both the text and anagrams which yield  a story of modern designer-drug usage affecting the way France is perceived in the world.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Long song sequel escheuu axled clue quiet gala use
2. Occitans map designz sensation occasion generates
3. Antique torment equating protectant agent if pact fail

4. Cuprous brominate potions retain position microbean poison occurs
The long hairs of Celtic Gaul
Accompanied by foreign nations,
They encapture the people of Aquitaine,
For succumbing to their designs.
Les longs cheueux de la Gaule Celtique
Accompaignez d'eſtranges nations
Mettront captif la gent Aquitanique
Pour ſuccomber a internitions.
  1. <alGae Clue uxed><long sequeL><escheuu axled aGe Clue><quiet song seLL>
  2. <occAsion agents dezign map><compAction deSignateZ><nation greatneSS As map dezign> <dezign Strange sensation><estonian Strange map dezign><dezignateS san-argentino> cocAins actions Antagonises antigens
  3. <lift protectant agent><~pact equAting antique torMent fail~>
  4. <retain Position><in Points mob Succour trainee><brominate (treat with bromine) insertion Succour>


1: protectant, compactions, designatez, succour, escheuu,
2: San Argentino, occasion, antagonises, position, brominate, insertion,  sensation,
3: Pontious, cuprous, potions, antiqua, occurs,
4: Occitans, equating, microbean, flag, dezign,
5: Estonian, antigens, Minque, 
6: Aquitain, needz,
7: actions, queme,
8: equitant, points, endz / zend,
9: poison, axled,
10: crouus,
11: tribean,
12: nations,
13: -,
14: rouus,
15: torment, anoint / nation,
16: algae,
17: greatness,
18: trainee, lift,
19: -,
20: amber,
21: quilt, Erbian,
22: song,
23: -.

protectant, compactions, designatez, succour, San Argentino, eschew, antagonises, Occitans, cuprous, brominate, potions, equating, flag, dezign, occasion, microbean, insertion, Estonian, antigens, sensation, occurs, needz, poison, actions, algae, greatness, torment, tribean, nations, lift, Erbian, trainee.

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