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Nostradamus C3 Q84: Crete's Minoan desolation recurs in our future.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Like the previous verse the anagrams of this particular quatrain are more difficult to filter than most but iis resolution is also similar for it lies in the chemical nature of its most unusual anagrams. Two in particular identify the location which is decribed in the text. On the island of Crete murexes ( e Mur sex) or shellfish were bashed for their dye by the Minoans, a civilisation that disappeared many millenia ago. That region of the Mediterranean is where this rare class of shellfish is found alongside jellyfish of the class called Hydromedusae ( y demoura Des). Other anagrams such as open plume ( on pe -uple m) verge ( erge v) olive ( e viol) shade ( aDes h) in this verse provide descriptions of the properties of these creatures and the way they were oce handled.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Leos enlarged deceits desecrating Serbia citadens needs
La grand cite ſera bien deſolee

hydromedusae shared shade aroused habits abstain Venus in Lunes
Des habitans vn ſeul n'y demoura

Murexes exempt temple give olive verge extremes
Mur sexe temple et vierge violee

Cantonese open plume paramour fear fever
Par fer feu peſte cannon peuple mourra
# hydromedusae: a Cnideria class of Jellyfish - harvested in countries such as China and Japan for food and  of modern interest because of biogenic silica proteins they create allowing their plume to glow in a wide spectrum of colours
murex: this is the original name given by the Romans to a family of shellfish two species of which produce highly valued blue-to-purple protein based long-lasting dyes.
The great city will be thoroughly desolated,
Of the inhabitants not a single one will remain
Wall, sex, temple and virgin violated,
Through sword, fire, plague, cannon people will die
La grand cite ſera bien deſolee
Des habitans vn ſeul n'y demoura
Mur sexe temple et vierge violee
Par fer feu peſte cannon peuple mourra
L1: <~graeL needS aScertained bi leo~><~need leoS regaL citadenS / diStance bi era~> <rabi deSecrating><aLlege rabi ran So deceit end><denieS berateS leo graeL><eaSter ci (101) garland><and reciteS graeL><denieS edictS bear leo> <denieS cardigan berateS / rebateS leo> diScrete

L2: <saint basheD venuS amour><deny it basheD our luneS vans><venuS abstain our shaDe> <reaD a Svns lune habits><hyDromedusae (jellyfish) abstain luneS><a habit arouseD><a bit haDes use Svn runa-melody>

L3: <suMer exempT><suMer give leo repletive><grieve Murexes olive pelmet><<give leo repletive extremes><suMer oil verge>exerts

L4: <~plume uProar free up naScent fear~><unpeople Paramour><our pen plume Set up fear fee canon><our connate pen plume><our pen plume free up cantoneSe><naSent plume open>
1: Cantonese, unpeople paramour, repletive, Hydromedusae
2: exempt,
3: desecrating, ascertained, discrete, nascent, bashed,
4: redistance,
5: Cardigan, paramour, abstain, extremes, murexes, cannon, shared,
6: connate, deceits, exerts, Sheba, verge,
7: allege,
8: habits, give,
9: grieve, plume, reuxes, Hades / heads /shade,
10: berates / rebates, giver,
11: carding, upset,
12: aroused, canon, deny,
13: citadens / distance, edicts, resume,
14: -
15: rebase,
16: Iove,
17: redacting, Serbia, olive, eagle,
18: shed,
19: -
20: habit,
21: Erbian, vans,
22: amour. 

Cantonese, unpeople paramour, ascertained, discrete, extremes, abstain, desecrating, murexes, exempt, nascent, bashed, hydromedusae, shared, Sheba, connate, deceits, allege, habits, give, plume, verge, olive, shade, aroused, upset, berates, citadens, deny, canon, edicts, resume, habit, Serbia, eagle, shed, Erbian, Jove.


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