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Nostradamus C3 Q85: How monetary fraud leads to war in 21st  century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse clealy offers details about a particular war but the defining elements of time and place are missing. The anagrams provide this essential part of the story and it involves our time, money ( moyen) and storms ( s morts) in our financial sytem at Yule ( Luy e). It is then that the interplay between the Middle East and the United States will lead us into war.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

 recipients replicated delicate citadel ripens part importer partners poem featured
La cite prinſe par tromperie et fraude

Bevan jew doyen treat paper June real money end
Par le moyen d'vn beau jeune attrape

 USA astounds as urbane presiden[t] deval[u]ed
Aſſaut donner Aubine pres de LAVDE

Yule rapturous Montpelier uproarious yet  poem setout outermost storms 
Luy et tous morts pour auoir bien trompe.
The city taken through deceit and guile,
Taken in by means of a handsome youth:
Assault given by the Robine near the Aude,
He and all dead for having thoroughly deceived.
La cite prinſe par tromperie et fraude
Par le moyen d'vn beau jeune attrape
Aſſaut donner Aubine pres de LAVDE
Luy et tous morts pour auoir bien trompe.
  1. <perSian particLe importer featured><poem partners><repLicated feature><pertainS dupLicate><citaDel / Dialect prime feature>< a part after recipientS dueL><cite tafur (cannibalistic crusader) eerie deaL><due after particLe patroniSer prime>fraud

  2. <june treat real money Paper><rePeal money part><aPpear bevan deny Palermo jeuu><treat yeomen aPparel><Paper deny bevan jeuu morale><deny leProma><aaPep treat><aPpealer treat>: <aPpear attune>

  3. <LeAders SAVED uSA><AS urbAne repine aStound ><VASsELeD peer aStound><DAEVAS (Persian demons) aStound neAr eLders>SuSa preseALed

  4. <yet to us montpeLier bi><yuLe poem set-out><outermost ports><uuar troops><be-in uproarious><rapturous><stupor><yet storms pour out orient plume><bi petroLmen> uproots  

1: uproarious, rapturous, featured, Daevas,
2: Montpelier, doyen, replicated, importer, bevan, saved,
3: percipients, outermost, elucidate, uproots, appealer / reappeal, salved / slaved,
4: perspirant, orpiment, astounds, urbane, yeomen,
5: astound, troops, eerie,
6: patroniser, Tafur, particle, 
7: recipients, transpire, pristine, partners, leproma / pleroma / Palermo, uuarior, apparel, parapet, brine, Jeuu,
8: presealed, storms, feature,
9: replicate, plume,
10: money, post / tops / spot / stop,
11: pertains / painters, spout,
12: delicate, atropus, stupor, Claude, deny,
13: attune,
14: citadel / dialect, morale,
15: Aapep,
16: preinset, Ormus,
17: -,
18: spender, fraud,
19: peratic, 
20: patter, stout, USSAT,
21: June,
22: -,
23: mortar, poem (2x).

uproarious, rapturous, Daevas, featured, Montpelier, doyen, replicated, importer, Bevan, saved, outermost, percipients, elucidate, perspirant, orpiment, eerie, appealer, astounds, uproots, urbane, yeomen, troops, Tafur, particle, recipients, salved, Palermo, pristine, partners, replicate, Jew, money, storms, feature, spender, fraud, citadel, morale, poem, preinset.

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