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Nostradamus C3 Q87: After effects of atomic radiation follows an Islamic attack on Italy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q87 French fleet suffers huge losses when attcaking Corsica and Sardinia people swimming in blood as these and other prophecies state.There are several clusters of anagrams that rveal the true nature of this story. Three anagrams provide vital links to C3 Q37 where both Algedi ( l'aide g) and Parcae ( era cap) are found and the Parcae are also found in this current verse as the Greek  Moiras ( ras Moi). In the earlier verse the fates are resonsible for a deadly Islamic war in Italy and in the current verse there is evidence it relates to the after-effects of an atomic attack that is also in Italy. The text mentions the islands of Sardinia and Corsica that are both close to Italy and warns against the French going there. This links it too the series where such warnings relate to a the Islamic war later in this century. The evidence of the atomic nature lies in the naming of a founder of the first atomic bombs, Enrico Fermi ( if ne me croir), and the need for using chemo-therapy drugs such as aminopterins ( pentiras Moi) to treat tumorous ( tous mour) lesions. The anagram for Algedi relates to a star taht serves as an astronomic timing reference link in several other verses that give detail of the war.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

1. Louis ages chose propane as cephalosporin seed recodes scourge scales
2. Nestorianism disseminators address aminopterins permeations
3. Algedi ztuffier rumour realized  regents ideal engorged tumorous
4. Corsair gang Parcae imperfection fit Enrico-Fermi airforcemen carnage

# cephalosporin: class of antibiotics derived from the fungus acremonium.
aminopterin: an enzyme inhibiting drug often used in chemo-therapy
Enrico Fermi: Italian Fermi who was one of the 'fathers of the atomic bomb'.
# Moiras:3 Gk Women of destiny =  Roman Parcae, English Fates  Nordic Norns.
Parcae: 3 women Nona, Decima and Morta who personify destiny
Algedi: Arabic name for the constellation of Capricornus , the Sea goat.
Nestorianism: belief emphasizing disunion in Christs human / divine nature.

Gallic fleet, do not approach Corsica,
Less Sardinia, you will rue it
Every one of you frustrated of the help of grogne
Swimming in blood, captive you won't believe me
Claſſe Gauloiſe n'approches de Corſegue
Moins de Sardaigne tu t'en repentiras
Treſtous mourrez fruſtrez de l'aide grogne
Sang nagera captif ne me croiras.
L1: <a Clue reCodes cephaloSporin(antibiotic) uSaGeS><Clue (aS uSage) aSSuage propane oilS> <GaSeS a Clue><urgeS Codes echo Louis aGe SCaleS><heeds crop coreS<chore Codes><panoplieS Scale uSage><SeaS ogreS euloGiaS Clue><Crop Chesed (Jup 4thSef) rogueS ScaleS>chose neapoliS

L2: <~neuter addresS eating aMinopterins~><Sadder inseMinators repent><disseMinatorS><a disseMinatorS reading><iMpersonate sin><gain nestorianisM addreSs><reading readMission><ends patriMonies drainageS><Moiras send aS reading>perMeations pertains

L3: <realized tumorous regenTS gored><Stouter idealz engorged><tumorous ideal enTerS gorge><rumours furze><enTerS uuorms to gorge><ridge deal gone><al gedi zedfurze rest>

L4: <~enrico-ferma era aS gang pact~><a race gang imperfection><~carnage apt if core men Sang airs~><~arians parcae fit gang core men~><As gang era it cap airforce-men> > corSairs grace
1: cephalosporin, aminopterins, disseminators, imperfection, Enrico - Fermi, patrimonies / spermiation, Artemision, engorged, realized,
2: inseminator(s) / Nestorianism, readmission, airforcemen, tumorous, Neapolis, corsairs, rumours, gorged, uuorms, furze,
3: daimoness / midseason, scourge, dealz / lazed,
4: impersonate / permeations / spermeation, spermation, propane, corsair, crossed, assuage,
5: carnage, address,
6: -
7: drainage, rumors, Adige,
8: drainages, Algedi, regents, gored,
9: gorge, dial, laid,
10: propanes, raiments, recodes, Parcae, Odins, dirge / ridge, idea, errz,
11: painters / pertains, usages, radia, gores / ogres, heeds, gang,
12: grace, gedi,
13: Elouisa, Chesed,
14: -
15: eulogias / oil usage, elusion, furs,
16: Moiras, chores, chose, Ormus,
17: pertain, gained,
18: chopper, stouter, Louise, dreads / sadder, sends, shed,
19: ideal,
20: inept, gases / sages,
21: coders / decors / scored, feint, rezt,
22: clause,
23: Simon.

cephalosporin, aminopterins, disseminators, Nestorianism, imperfection, Enrico - Fermi, patrimonies, engorged, realized, airforcemen, readmission, tumorous, scourge, propane, permeations, address, carnage, assuage, corsair, crossed, Adige, drainage, Algedi, recodes, Parcae, Moiras, dirge, regents, ideal, raiments, gorge, ridge, errs, radia, pertains, gang, usages, stouter, dreads, sends, ideal, gases, shed, inept, sages, grace, coders, clause.


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