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Nostradamus C3 Q88: Henry IV of France enemies at the time he dies.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In order to sate his patrons desires and to pursue his aim of providing details of the family lines important to the future destiny of man Nostradamus wrote numerous quatrains about the Albret ( blera T), Bourbon, Hautpaul lines and this current verse serves that end. In addition by his selection of Nogaret ( gera Ton) as his villain he reproduces the setting of a leading Catholoic conspirator in the wars against Islam during this current century.  

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

misarranged dream redeem praenomen labelers
De Barſellonne par mer ſi grand armee

arise federally truer Albret term tout stream Israel ill realism freed
Toute Marseille de frayeur tremblera

Seas aisles demises remedies year day dreamy side defy mere lies
Isles s'aisies de mer ayde fermee

Nogaret arrange regenerant era edit true rune enter erudite range
Ton traditeur en terre nagera

# praenomen: personal name chosen by parents of a Roman child.
# Albret: name of a famous French noble family that linked with the royal Bourbon line through Jean Albret, mother of Henry IV of France.
# Nogaret: a noble French family whose most notable member was involved in the conspiracy that murdered Henry IV of France in 1610 and who played a large part in the subsequent acceptance of Marie 'dMedici as regent.
From Barcelona a very great army by sea,
All Marseilles will tremble with terror
Isles seized help shut off by sea,
Your traitor will swim on land.
De Barſellonne par mer ſi grand armee
Toute Marseille de frayeur tremblera
Isles s'aisies de mer ayde fermee
Ton traditeur en terre nagera
L1: <Deem BearS diSarranger> <miSarranged BearS reDeem> <BearS meanDered><relaBelS praenomen graniS (Nordic legendary horse) dreameD><reDeem diSarrange remap><marries grand eparnon (epernon is duc d'Nogaret other title)>

L2: <year fleed truer oraTe Mature lies><true year feed ill> <ill feared> <truer aries federally auToMate> <realisM led fear> <israel led fear> <lie streaM out led era fear><truer ray feed ill streaM aTremble>

L3: <federary (alteration) deems> <day remedies free> <seemlIer seas fed year> <dreamy seed is aisles free><deems free ready><year feed mere aisle iS demises>

L4: <~noT rearrange true raid enter~> <nogaretT erudite art regenerant> <~Tarento tirade ur regenerant~> <~Tarento tirade ur regenerant~><attired rune nearer nogareT>
1: federally, praenomen, regenerant, automate, rearrange, federary,
2: refilled, dreamy,
3: misarranged, meandered, attired,
4: relabels, seemlier, erudite, datiue, ready,
5: radarmen, reunited, remedies, dreamed, federal, Albret / Albert, defy,
6: demises, marries, redeems, seemed,
7: nitrated, debaser,
8: disarrange, demise,
9: matures,
10: -
11: atremble, reunite / uterine,
12: fray,
13: reblame,
14: Nogaret, realism, prearms, mature, redeem, erato / orate (2x),
15: lasses, rebase, arefy / faery, nearer,
16: rearms,
17: -
18: triad, fleed,
19: renamed, tirade, bread / bared, day,
20: defer / freed (2x),
21: marble, sides,
22: -
23: -

regenerant, federally, relabels, praenomen, automate, misarranged, federary, refilled, seemlier, dative, meandered, erudite, remedies, attired, dreamy, demises, Albret, matures, defy, marries, Nogaret, seemed, ready, redeems, debaser, fray, atremble, reblame, realism, prearms, lasses, orate, tirade, nearer, day, triad, reunited, sides, fleed.


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