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Nostradamus C3 Q91: The secret story concealed by the last Templar master.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In March 1314 Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar was burnt to death on an island in the Seine river. This verse deals with the revival of interest in this secret order based on the discovery of inscriptions on central arches which it will be claimed were made by Molay after being imprisoned in 2007.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

archrebels quest quotes patriots Templar-song polar storms Heracles barrel
L'arbre qu'eſtoit par long temps mort ſeche

Invaders DNA Venus inductive area derive
Dans vne nuict viendra a reuerdir

centro-arch teaches coroner my malady pyramidale despite Molay pride recipiend encroach in epic dates
Cron Roy malade Prince pied eſtache

Cry detain men fires fears noble ovaries olive blonde incorrodible
Criant d'ennemis fera voile bondir
The tree which had long been dead and withered,
In one night it will come to grow green again
The Cronian King sick, Prince with club foot,
Feared by his enemies he will make his sail bound.
L'arbre qu'eſtoit par long temps mort ſeche
Dans vne nuict viendra a reuerdir
Cron Roy malade Prince pied eſtache
Criant d'ennemis fera voile bondir
L1: <it quoteS archrebel><Sect herbaL request><it quoteS polar barrel> <bar queer patriotS> <hectorS barreL> <heracLeS storm> chest

L2:<inductive runa-reader> <driuer area derivant>

L3: <molay Paired centroaRCh eSpied><Paired CorneR detacheS /Secthead molay epic><molay CRoon each deSpite Prince ><CoRoner detacheS malady> <Pride deSpite Mayoral enCroach> <Paired almonRy> <dateS in Pre-malady piece>

L4: <aver inCorrodible trained> <nordiC ova trained firemens bile><variole (shallow pit-smallpox) bond>
1: archrebels, incorrodible, patriots, pyramidale, inductive, mayoral, recipiend, firemens, malady,
2: runareader, trochees, Hectors (2x), almonry, coroner, piece,
3: encroach, herbal,
4: recatches, catchers, Nordic, etches,
5: catches / cachets / scathed, variole, nobled, Molay,
6: detaches / secthead, cachet, quotes,
7: despite, invect, Mayor / moray, corner, barrel,
8: centroarch, Serafim, request, storms, bond,
9: Chelsea, teaches, quest, radar,
10: patrol / portal, espied,
11: Heracles,
12: chest,
13: evict, ennui, direr / drier,
14: drains, paled,
15: paired,
16: deriue, epic,
17: detain, olive,
18: -
19: noble,
20: Chesel, sector, fires,
21: derivant, cheats / chaste / scathe / scheat, chats, vans,
22: Rachel, cheat / teach, pride.
23: -

 archrebels, incorrodible, patriots, pyramidale, inductive, Molay, etches, Nordic, epic, runareader, corner, barrel, centroarch, Hectors, portal, quotes, Heracles, despite, storms, espied, almonry, mayoral, recipiend, catches, firemens, variole, malady, coroner, herbal, piece, encroach, Mayor, request, bond, Serafim, ennui, drains, noble, direr, fires, derivant, sector, teach, pride.


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