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Nostradamus C3 Q92: Napoleon Bonaparte is badly positioned for Waterloo due to parliamentary delays.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Buonapart GoshawkThis is an intriguing verse which displays evidence related to Napoleon Bonaparte and his descendants. The emblem of the dynasty is a bird of prey not unlike the goshawk mentioned in the text. Among the anagrams are Buonapart (bon par Aut), Waterloo (Autour L'oe). and carrhae (arrache a). Now Napoleon's family name was originally Buonaparte but there are no full anagrams for either Bonaparte or Buonaparte in the Prophecies. There is only one anagram for uuaterloo but there are twelve for carrhae which represents a losing battle for an 'invincible' army.  All three of these anagrams together with the reference to the goshawk occur in the fourth line.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C3 Q92 Buonaprtes Empire is lost in a losing battle (carrhae) at WaterlooThe anagrams in the second and third lines seem to provide a dating of the verse that corresponds with the time of Napoleon since it was in the period 1800 to 1850 that maritime clocks became sufficiently reliable for tracking longitude at sea. The Battle of Waterloo was in 1816, in which year Thomas Earnshaw, marine clock maker, invented an escapement using two metals working against each other that compensated for temperature induced expansion  thereby increasing the accuracy for measuring longitude. An anagram for Taurus (ur Satu) occurs in the second line which in astrologic charts represents May while the battle of Waterloo took place on the eighteenth of June in the sign of Gemini.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Model demon corp he endured ripen Pierre lode
2. Route detour renounce as Taurus encounter natures dreads
3. unreadiest Parliaments obtain odder translated paternalism permit abortions
4. Aachen carrhae arena Buonapart Waterloo

C3 Q92

The world near the last period,
Saturn will come back again late:
Empire transferred towards the Dusky nation,
The eye plucked out by the Goshawk at Narbonne.
Le monde proche du dernier periode
Saturne encor tard ſera de retour
Tranſlat empire deuers nation brodde
L'oeil arrache a Narbon par Autour.
L1: <demon Led><he prod-uced><end-model><pierre ruined oLden-mode><pierre endured><under pierre omen de-ploied>
L2: <~traderS renounce Star route read~><aS traderS route encounter><readS Star route rune><natureS route traderS once read><reader Stared to tauruS<once dreadS our natureS tree><to urSa turn>actor
L3: <parliamenTS ensured><prime odd alTernates born><abortion ensured parenTaliSm traded><prime alTerantS obtain odder runes><rod obtains TranSlated runes><rod obtains unsteadier paTernaliSm><lamentS pride rob Traded nations>nestorian permit ampleSt metaLs
L4: <buoNapart carrhae [battle] raN> <uAterLoo carrhae ail boNapar><acherNar [Eridanus] born><archaean (rock formation) bonapar>
1: parentalism / parliaments /paternalism, translated, Buonapart, UUaterloo, oldenmode, abortion, endmodel, Archaean,
2: Aachen,
3: traderoutes, implanters, Achernar, Archean, Arachne, obtain, Achenar, anarobe,
4: psalmten, stranded, odder, odd,
5: unsteadier / unreadiest, starroute, imperate, endured,
6: alternates, renounce, laments, undersea, period,
7: septimal, rerouted, amplest, Taurus,
8: encounter, ensured / endures,
9: alterants / translate, ponder, Croat / actor,
10: permit,
11: Nestorian, carrhae,
12: nations, emptier, metals, darted / traded, readers, oiled, arena,
13: -,
14: -,
15: ochred, anoint / nation,
16: reroutes, epiderm, primed, retards / traders, deriue,
17: uranites, sealant, dearer / reared / reader,
18: reroute, aslant, dreads / sadder, 
19: repine,
20: -,
21: Baron, Pierre, tuuo,
22: pride,
23: apron, dud.

Parliaments, paternalism, translated, Aachen , abortion, Waterloo, stranded, Buonapart, unreadiest, renounce, alternates, laments, period, endured, odder, undersea, anarobe, rerouted, Taurus, encounter, ensured, carrhae, metals, traded, obtain, emptier, arena, nations, permit, Baron, Pierre, reroute, dreads.


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