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Nostradamus C3 Q93: The devastating impact on France as the great floods begin.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q93 Emperor of the World stops in Avignon on way to desolated Paris following the footsteps of HannibalFloods of the range to which we are accustomed bring turmoil but the abnormal flood at the end of this century brings extreme turmoil to Europe even at its beginning stage as depicted in this verse. Pteropus(reſt pour) bats and iguanas (ans Auig) thrive bringing despairs (r Paris deſ) to the populace while the floes (ſole F) of melting glaciers devastates cities including Paris. And the land lies open to a foreign enemy that brings terror magnified by its soldiers (ris deſol) returning to old necrophagan (on par change) habits of eating the flesh of the dead and the washed up remains of ancient pterosaurs (a arreſt pou) in order to survive. But in Ferrara (Fera arr) Italy an anarch (ar chan) seeks to calm (malc) disorder but many of its citadens have already fled the Empire for the relative calm of the Grecian highlands.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Unantagonised lout fleeched prime epidermal DNA outlet saving iguanas
2. Pteropus supporter despairs soldiers fear rarest Pterosaur Ferrara reports
3. Erratic artistic alibi instated strident Albanian reliquiae
4. Necrophagan changes calm era colonels solely encharges orphancy

In Avignon the chief of the whole empire
Makes a stop on the way to desolated Paris
Tricast will hold the anger of Hannibal
Lyons will be poorly consoled for the change.
Dans Auignon tout le chef de l'empire
Fera arreſt pour Paris deſole
Tricaſt tiendra l'Annibalique ire
Lyon par change ſera mal conſole.
L1: <~prime fleech led out unantagoniseD~><~anD prime outlet fleeched no sauing~><noting usA impel fleeched out Dare><iguAnas primeD non-outlet fleed>

L2: <Free Soldiers raP a pteroSaur><loSe desPair Fear arreST><FloeS area reportS PraiSed><Ferrara loSe deSPair><SuPporter raiSed Floes area><raPids pour reSt area><leoS ides uproar> <poSturer /proteuS Praised leoS Fear> <PteropuS raised leo Fear><Free Separator><ur poetS Fear Leo deSpair><rare Stupor raiSed leo Fear>

L3: <Strident Albanian erraTic><Ann inState equilibria Trice> <TetractiS (set of four) Adrenalin in albi><albi artiStic diner quieTer /requiTe><Ann alibi requiTe artiStic end><Static riTe ireland quail><raciSt trained equilibraTe>

L4: <carloman SoLely necrophagan (carrion eater)><~agreeS an arch pyLon looSen calm~><coLonelS See pony arch alarm><agenS orphancy alarm coLonelS><arch genreS looSen a pyLon>enchargeS Lonely
1: unantagonised, necrophagan, equilibrate, equilibria, orphancy, tetractis, adrenalin, reliquiae, colonels, separator, Albanian, strident, soldiers, noting, static,
2: supporter, artistic, colons, 
3: encharges, Pterosaur, pylon, alibi,
4: epidermal, Carloman, support, requiter, Iguanas, solely,
5: Pteropus, despairs, Ferrara,
6: instated, posturer, erratic,
7: nitrated, rapids,
8: despair, lonely,
9: loosen,
10: quieter / requite, anarch, Solon, retire, post / tops / stop / spot,
11: Pimander, spout, calm,
12: changes, stupor, parch, poets,
13: fleeched, racist, floes,
14: reports,
15: sauing, paired,
16: Proteus / Proetus / posture, epiderm, primed, Albi,
17: instate, soon, fled,
18: outlet, fleed,
19: -
20: Nasau,
21: sides,
22: pride,
23: impel, apron, floe.

unantagonised, necrophagan, equilibrate, colonels, orphancy, encharges, strident, Albanian, soldiers, noting, artistic, supporter, static, adrenalin, loosen, Pterosaur, Iguanas, epidermal, reliquiae, sCarloman, alibi, solely, support, Pteropus, despairs, Ferrara, soon, instated, pylon, outlet, calm, rapids, erratic, floes, lonely, spot, Solon, Pimander, Proetus, anarch, retire, changes, racist, stupor, poets, fleeched, reports, saving, Albi.

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