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Nostradamus C03 Q94: The prophets calendar system has the Queen's endorsement.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse has for five centuries given readers the impression Nostradamus foresaw his prophecies would remain hidden until the 21st century. The ease with which this conclusion is reached potentially means its anagrams will be far more complex than normal otherwise it would be easily decoded. Of those anagrams that are plainest the words computes plans, quotes, ornamented, pseudovariant, calendar group, consequent, queen's, endorsement and  ancestor appear immediately significant.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C3 Q94 For 500 years  Nostradamus use of ancient calendars remains concealed by the content of the textTogether they direct the attention towards an ancient coding method that enables new meaning to be computed from the existing words and such a suggestion complements the visible message. It seems more than a creation produced by chance alone that the wording 'calendar group' stands out in a verse naming a period of time. There are a total of twelve places in the Prophecies where anagrams of calendar(s) can be found and only eight for group(s). The anagrams for calendar and group are separate and adjacent in the fourth line which is again quite remarkable since there is no other anagram for 'calendar-group' whether it be as a whole set or split into two scrambled parts.

By the use of the phrase 'For five hundred years' Nostradamus identifies two different epochs where the first is his own time. This is supported by the reference in the anagrams to pardon Cauvin's aka Calvin group calendar who received the endorsement of Marguerite d' Angouleme, Queen of Navarre. She defended many religious reformers from their slanderers and gave shelter to people like Calvin in her courts. I believe that Nostradamus, himself may have attracted the attention of Marguerite and received her patronage in his early years during which he has viewed more as an ornament than a credible prophet.

The anagrams supporting the theme given above include:

1. Annes plans computes intoned completeness reindicated in ink
2. Lyceus quotes supra-ordinate relation completes Montreal  endorsement
3. Cauvins group calendar noted relocated pseudovariant

4. Queen's picaresque cell renders creators ancestor consequent consents
For 500 years more one will keep count of the one
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly great light will he give,
He who for this century renders them very satisfied.
De cinq cens ans plus compte l'on tiendra
Celuy qu'eſtoit l'aornement de son temps
Puis a vn coup grande clarte donra
Que par ce ſiecle les rendra treſcontens.
L1: <reaD plans indolent incq computes><intend reaD leo><incq re-indicated not cmpl'te><intone dread>

L2: <Cluey queSt><quoteS oriental /relation><it quoteS ornamented Completeness><denotes montreal><relation to queyS clue><oriental notes dement><notes ornamented yule queSt toil>endorsement

L3: <cauvins (Calvin's) calendar group><Pseudovariant calendar group><suPraordinate calendar><Pardon cauvin's later decan group><and cauvins group relocated>

L4: <cecileS lenders conseQuent rape arreSt><conseQuent cell renderS rate><Queens anceStor render><ceciles slender reactorS> <picareSQue (clever.rogue) conSent><slanderer reconteSt><parQues (Roman Fates) conSent><slanderer Sector><Paques (Fr: Easter) trader conSent>
1: pseudovariant, completeness, reindicated, computes,
2: supraordinate, peccaries, riddance,
3: endorsement, picaresque, relocated, indolent, creators /reactors,
4: Lyceus,
5: consequent, ornamented, slanderer, Cauvins / vicunas, Ceciles, vincas, denotes, intend,
6: mentorial, intoned, quotes, renders, quey(s),
7: consents, calendar, dements,
8: oriental / relation, cradle, group,
9: candle / Calend, Paques, quest,
10: -,
11: lenders / slender, caries,
12: enplot, intone, Queens,
13: Montreal, plans,
14: spans, visa,
15: almoner, cartel / claret, retard / trader,
16: drained, retards / traders,
17: -,
18: -,
19: Parques, 
20: ancestor, consent, sector, cluey,
21: resell / seller, vans,
22: capers / pacers / sparce / scrape, Orlean, cqin, incq,
23: apron.

pseudovariant, completeness, reindicated, computes, supraordinate, Cauvins, endorsement, relocated, Montreal, indolent, picaresque, creators, Lyceus, quotes, intoned, consequent, ornamented, Queens, quest, denotes, slanderer, Ceciles, plans, intend, mentorial, calendar group, queys, consents, cradle, Parques, relation, ancestor, drained.

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