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Nostradamus C3 Q97: Bellicose actions of Israel are felt throughout the Middle East.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The last line of text of this verse has the name Phebes and this has been for five hundred years taken to be Phoebes (Greek- Titan goddess of prophecy). As such it has been valid to assume it is a reference to the Moon and I have no reason to challenge this. In fact it fits well to another verse (C1 Q25) that specifically talks of the completion of the Moon's great cycle. The moon's cycle allows Nostradamus to specify a unique time gap between the time of writing and the events of the verse. The 'best fit' involves 403 moon cycles for this is almost exactly 391 solar cycles. Now 391 years added to the year 1555 CE brings us to the year 1946 CE and it was 1945 when the second World War ended and 1947 when the mandate establishing Israel's right to be a nation in the middle-east was passed. Within another year that nation was founded against the wishes of those nations named in the text and it is they who lost lands and national rights in the wars that immediately followed.

Within the anagrams there is one for Demeter (determ) and Hebe( hebe) appearing in the fourth line as does Phebes (in the text). These represent three generations of the Greek Titan lineage being the daughters of Cronus, Zeus and Ares respectively. Demeter is the Goddess of fertility and the harvest while Hebe is the cupbearer of the gods and the goddess of youth. There is an anagram for cup in the first line. In the third line there is also an anagram for Pimander ( rand empir) for whom the following entry is relevant:

Then said I, "Who art Thou?""I am," quoth he, "Poemander, the mind of the Great Lord, the most Mighty and absolute Emperor: I know what thou wouldest have, and I am always present with thee."

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Nowell Leo retry reenter few pure cup
Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper

several verse Israeli juried Pete[r] tales inset
Vers la Syrie Judee et Palestine

Graal prime DNA bear Pimander Arab core ruler
Le grand empire barbare corruer

Hebes Son declines Demeter in  Mediterane piquant meter
Auant que Phebes ſon ſiecle determine
New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire to decay,
Before the Moon completes it cycle.
Nouuelle loy terre neufue occuper
Vers la Syrie Judee et Palestine
Le grand empire barbare corruer
Auant que Phebes ſon ſiecle determine
L1: <terrene (earthen) oyl uuell><cup ouuner><feuu reenter oyl><retry uuell oN leo><leo re-entry few occur-open uuell>

L2: <~iSraelys reinVest Pete Jude tales~><Plainest Verse><Juried relatiVeneness layS><it neVer Slays Paeleste (Epirus)><~Syria reVels in Pete Jude tales~><iSraelys interleaVes Pete Jude>SeVeral Penalties

L3: <bear (Russia?) ruLer bear prime danger><arab reprimand be><gendarme core ruLe><prime bear bar reenLarged>dampen named

L4:<belicoSeneSs determine><So hebes aunt Silence mediterAne><A mine SeSsion he be re-elected><Since Sos be led in eQuant meter><So Phebes meter Silenced/ declineS><in demeter Sons Slice>

The lettering of the first line presented above does not lead to a clear message within the anagrams however other early editions show it as Nouvelle loi terre neuve occuper. Although this too isn't totally usefUl it does result in a sequence that removes any need for the Leo reference and says terrene [earthly] oil level.

1: belicoseness, re-elected, Israyl,
2: determine, slavers, juried, re-entry, Demeter, slays,
3: interleaves, Hebe,
4: latin-verse, session, uuorn, Syria,
5: open-occur, Palestine / penalties, Paeleste,
6: plainest, 
7: re-enlarged, incloses, re-invest, delete, rays,
8: Mediterane, reprimand, veinlets, declines / silenced, impend, Nevers / nerves, retry,
9: silence, plates / pastel,
10: dampen, Jude,
11: Pimander,
12: reveals / several, lays / slay,
13: levers / revels,
14: prune,
15: -,
16: gendarme, epiderm, primed, bees,
17: invest,
18: ouuner, uuell, miner, never,
19: ermine,
20: -,
21: plate / petal, ruler, Tyre,
22: -,
23: -.

Israelis, re-elected, belicoseness, determine, juried, re-entry, Phebes, Demeter, Hebe, interleaves, session, Palestine, re-enlarged, plainest, rays, slays, Syria, Paeleste, Pimander, re-invest, reprimand, Mediterane, silence, Jude, incloses, retry, dampen, nerves, reveals, gendarme, prune, Tyre, well, owner.

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