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Nostradamus C3 Q99: The map of the Islamic war and future floods in time and space.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C3 Q99 In grassy fields of the Durancea great battle will be fought and Mesopotamia will fail.The aim of the text and the anagrams  of this verse is to reunite places and times with the story lines of war with Islam and the subsequent irreversible flood events that will happen late in this century. The anagrams create a date-line ( d'Alein et) based around two close stars, Aludra ( la Dura) in Canis Minoris and Castor ( arts co) in Gemini, as they rise with the sun creating an illusion of a molten born crop ( mont Le - bron - proc) and a  filarial raven mounted ( e Du mon t) atop( pota) its mound ( Du mon). The reference points for related verses are amplified in the other anagrams of this current verse by using the reference point of the birth place of Alexander the Great in the Macedonian town of Vergina ( Varneig ) together with the allusion to the River Gods, the Potamoi ( opotami) that unite the Middle East with the south of France.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 1. Engine cause phasm De Baux herbs map alien adventuring dateline uuanted
2. Nerac document echoed nobler crop Chaldee countermand
3. Grec maps articles reclassification exuded artificialness grimace
4. Poems aim to feed a ill linear atom compense Potamoi

# Potamoi: Gods of rivers in Greek mythology.
Aigis: the protective element of the ancient Greek Gods Athena and Zeus.
# Var & Durance: Rivers in Southern France near where Nostradamus was born and lived his later life.
# Nerac & de Baux: Two historically famous city/ towns within a few hours walking distance of Agen where Nostradamus lived and St Remy where he was born.
Chaldee: native people from lower Mesopotamia which was centred on the region where the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.
# Vergina / Aigai: village in Macedonia which was its first capital and in it Phillip II was murdered in the theatre and his son Alexander (the Great) was born.
In the grassy fields of Alleins and Vernegues
Of the Luberon range near the Durance,
The conflict will be very sharp for both armies,
Mesopotamia will fail in France.
Aux champs herbeux d'Alein et du Varneigne
Du mont Lebron proche de la Durance
Camps de deux parts conflict ſera ſi aigre
Mesopotamie defaillira en la France.
L1: <phasm deniAl cAuxe adVenturing herb uxe><her maps be unVaried Axunge (lard made from pig or goose graese) dAteline><ideAl reign Vuanted herb maps uxA uxe><Vinegar / Vergina duet line hampers debAux><Var engine united leAd herb maps uxe>

L2: <~nobLer countermanD heed Dual crop~><~nobLer runa Document pro-chalDee><heed aluDra (star in Canis Minoris) molten muD borne crop> mounTed beLt echoed
L3: <captors deduxes greC map artificialneSS~><~deduxe parts greC maps reclaSSification~><maps greC deeds><aSia grimaCe><Campers captors exuded> <castor (bright star in Gemini) aigai'S artificialneSS><aigiS era raCe conflictS articleS scAmpered

L4: <Far potamois (river Gods) failed linear Menace><seem liar feed potamoi ail><nerac poeMs aim to feed><Far linear Menace stoop ill aimed><filial eras><linear aneMoscope Far ill fade><ill learn aim to feed coMpense aFar><alfileria lean>
1: reclassification, artificialness, adventuring, countermand, Aigais, anemoscope, document, compense, grimace, herbs,
2: scampered, Aigis, menaces, hemps,
3: adventure, vaunted, Vergina, campers,
4: dateline, Chaldee, De Baux, uvard, herb,
5: alfileria, articles, captors, menacer,
6: conflicts, mounted, axunge, Aludra, engine, menace, laded,
7: unvaried, Castor / Arctos / actors, exurb,
8: filarial, flailed, cratons,  Castres / recasts, echoed, Grec,
9: nobler, axled,
10: -
11: failed, Arnaud, phasm, poems, arias,
12: champs, ravine / vainer, grace, Anael,
13: molten, exuded, aimed / Midea,
14: denial / Daniel, borne,
15: ochred, united,
16: mount,
17: camp, raven, atop,
18: -
19: ideal,
20: mound, cauxe, Vau,
21: belt,
22: conflict, atom,
23: linear, Asia.

Greek maps, hemps, herbs, reclassification, adventuring, document, artificialness, countermand, Aigai's, menaces, Vergina, grimace, compense, wanted, Chaldee, dateline, De Baux, campers, ward, captors, articles, Aludra, engine, mounted, axunge, laded, unvaried, Castor, deduxes, recasts, nobler, Grec, poems, echoed, axled, phasm, failed, united, filarial, raven, mount, atop, camp, ideal, mound, cauxe, Asia, atom, conflict.

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