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Nostradamus C4 Q2: Israeli war at a time when Argentine militia explores deep space.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is part of Nostradamus' mutation theme about pending infertility affecting mankind and a war involving Israel at a time in man's history when nations explore deep space..

There is only one other verse C4 Q04 holding an anagram for Israelite and iadjacent to it is the singular anagram for regiment. This verse also holds anagrams for militia and militant and these have five and one other occurrence respectively. Other key anagrams that relate to heritage and lineage such as parcener (joint heir) and ovary, generation and menace are also rare and each fits well to the theme suggested by the text thus affirming this verse is truly part of the suggested mutation theme. 

The anagrams that provide the framework for undertsanding this verse include:

afar prance ovary age fair ape mortal
Par mort la France prendra voyagea faire

Pyrmonts serene spaceless apes rearm
ClaSSe par mer marcher monts Pyrenees

apes generation entering our marble arch archer regiment limit miitant Israelite archregent
Eſpaigne en trouble marcher gent militaire

pulses deepness rang demands add names menace enframes men seeds
Des plus grand dames en France emmenees
Because of death France will take to making a journey
Fleet by sea, marching over the Pyrenees Mountains
Spain in trouble, military people marching
Some of the greatest Ladies carried off to France.
Par mort la France prendra voyagea faire
ClaSSe par mer marcher monts Pyrenees
Eſpaigne en trouble marcher gent militaire
Des plus grand dames en France emmenees
L1 <Far mortal rePair end ovary age><ovary age afire><parcener (joint heir) flat armor>

L2 <sPy CareleSSnes(s)><Pyres not seen><charmer remap monster Pyre sCene><PeaceleSSnes(s) march rearm><reach Pyrmonts serene Scales>

L3 <iSraElite regiment march><militia pEerS generation><clamber enroute><entering pErSiae militant><regent charm limit engine air trouble><argentine mouable><pEerS blame our militant antigene><it remelting archer air><recharge militant><archregent EaSier limit>

L4 <splurges Seed and made men menace><men see damned rags pulseD><demands fanner>plugs
1 generation, regiment, entering, clamber,
2 archregent, militant, Israelite, melting,
3 spaceless, Argentine,
4 deepness,
5 Roentgen, antigene, parcener, menacer, ovary, Homer,
6 entrouble, militia, demands, engine, menace,
7 classes, calmer,
8 Pyrmonts, splurges, Persiae, limit,
9 poynters / syntrope, damned / demand,
10 easier,
11 flat,
12 -,
13 -,
14 -,
15 vrda,
16 charmer / marcher (2x), spry, yov,
17 pyres / respy / preys, add,
18 enroute, speeds,
19 Amperes, blame, Renee,
20 -,
21 rouble, marble,
22 mortal, creep,
23 panderer, mortar.

Argentine, regiment, entering, spaceless, deepness, archregent, generation, clamber, militant, Israelite, menace, Roentgen, melting, antigene, entrouble, ovary, Pyrmonts, militia, demands, calmer, engine, classes, limit, Persiae, splurges, demand, flat, march, easier, speeds, enroute, panderer, add, pyres, blame, mortal, creep.



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