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Nostradamus C4 Q03: Essenean program of eugenics using chemical changes to alter the progeny of existing breeds
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

The Genetics verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThis extraordinary verse hides, under its 16th century shroud, a tale of evolutionary genocide in a time beyond this century. The presence of anagrams in Nostradamus' Prophecies isn't unusual for they can be found anywhere that lettering is contained by bounds but in Nostradamus' work totally unlikely complex terms appear together with others giving detail to  the themes Nostradamus claimed he had recorded.

In this verse they underpin a tale of the 22nd century super-ape whose emergence is seen by people of that time as a threat to mankind. It is also about the manner in which humans react to this rival species.

The anagrams  of C4 Q03's third line convey much of the above meaning through  generations escaping stolen apes Eugenics (e ſaigneront  // ont les / Eſpa / ignes Ceu). Notably eugenics  only occurs in this verse while generations and agennesis occur in two other places each . However two of the three agennesis anagrams occur in this verse together with one for genesis. Agennesis is a Greek term, referring to beings born without any kin. Such a concept would be relevant to particular genetic manipulations.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C4 Q03 Eugenics Genesis Generations Essenian Agencies Gases agenesic diseasesThere are other clusters. The chemical identifiers which are almost as rare as those mentioned above include borates, carbonates, nitrogen and arsenious.

Two rare anagrams for Essenian (ans enſei) and Essanoi (osne ſai) belong to another cluster that here in this verse and elsewhere suggest members of the Essene faith are the agencies (aignes Ce) behind the eugenics.

And the first line has a pivotal anagram for subrogate (ras et Bourg) which means to put something in the place of another. That lettering is adjacent to an anagram for breeds  (es de Br). Each of these terms is well suited to genetic manipulation.

From Arras and Bourges many banners of Dusky Ones,
A greater number of Gascons to fight on foot,
Those along the Rhone will bleed the Spanish:
Near the mountain where Sagunto sits.
D'Arras et Bourges de Brodes grans enſeignes
Vn plus grand nombre de Gaſcons batre a pied
Ceux long du rosne ſaigneront les Eſpaignes
Proche du mont ou Sagonte s'aſſied
L1: <rogue Beast><or suBrogate Breeds><reADers Seeing><saBoteur reADings><aBout greeds geneSis dangers roB><our Best><Sense><agenneSis enDs><eSsenian Dangers><Radars engineS><Barest reAssigneD>

L2: <carbonates breed GaS> <aBSorptance> <embarGoed> <tabs and plugs on caGeS preinVade><random-lungs> <interpaVed plugs> <barest coaGneS bred> grandson

L3: <sounder reaSoning long exCuse><norSE generation exCuse gain SlEeps><dour agenneSis (without conception)><organiSes apES stolen eugeniCs drug><Else eSCaping><agenCies uxe><arsenous nitrogen><plEaSes generationS><reSonating norse plEaS> arsenious reaSonings grounds

L4: <gaS Period no aSSets><croP SteadineSs go aS outmounted><he note croP diSeaSes mounted><Pride echo aSSents>
1: random-lungs, absorptance, embargoed, subrogate, steadiness, saboteur, eugenics,
2: interpaved, escaping, boaster / borates,
3: generations, carbonates, Dragoness, agennesis (2x), grounds, perodic, diseases, Essaion, Essenan, assets,
4: Sandgrouse, organises, decagons, guerdons, resounds, agencies / agenesic, bourges / brogues, apsides, ground, nearness,
5: resonating, reassigned, antinegro, arsenious, nitrogen, despairs, periods, Essenian, spiders, gaston, assents, cages,
6: reasoning(s), mounted, ceasing, genesis, period,
7: bonderman, grandson, bondman, arsenous, excuse,
8: disarrange, preinvade, organise, Rontgen,
9: brogue, design, radar,
10: breeds, robed, arras,
11: -,
12: engines, breast / barest (2x), Sabon, dregs,
13: prides, greeds, breed,
14: sounder,
15: ochred, burgo,
16: mount, drop,
17: elapses / pleases, gains, aegis,
18: agreed, bans,
19: ensign, grades, bout,
20: reasons, mound, spied,
21: sides,
22: pride, beats / beast, edges,
23: ignore / origen / region, berta.

saboteur, eugenics, random-lungs, escaping, borates, absorptance, steadiness, subrogate, generations, carbonates, perodic, agennesis, diseases, Essaion, Essenian, assets, organises, agencies, mounted, arsenious, nitrogen, ceasing, genesis, period, Rontgen, design,engines, breed, despair.



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