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Nostradamus C4 Q04: Commercial mining of asteroids leads to war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C4 Q04 Impotent Prince upsets subjects among rape & pillage By Coq and Libyans Italy alone stands against the Celts.This verse has an ancient Hebrew biblical reference point centred around the Goddess Aschera. Its tale is about the competitive international research to predict the movements of asteroids on the basis of their contents. The tone of the verse and its anagrams imply there will be a time when man will harvest the mineral content of asteroids and it will lead to an eartly war between those who seek the riches of the heavens.

Aschera is the name given to a Main belt asteroid of notable size (26km). It is named after Asherah a Mother Goddess of Lebanon worshipped by the early Israelites. She was worshipped on hilltops such as the Mount of Olives and her stature was such that the pillar became a symbol of her healing skills. 

The anagrams from which the understanding of this verse arises include:

1. France sect print each planetic request Ptolemi  impels
2. Ill step departs paler rocks April set by Libra squared parts
3. Grandest allegories part err remap finer olivines signaller
4. Earliest Israelite use Aschera quite elusiue ascent catharticalness

C4 Q04

The impotent Prince angry, complaints and quarrels
Rape and pillage, by cocks and Libyans:
Great it is by land, by sea infinite sails,
Italy alone will be chasing Celts.
L'impotent prince fache plaincts et querelles
De rapts et pille par coqz et par Libyques
Grand eſt par terre par mer infinies voilles
Seule Italie ſera chaſſant Celtiques
L1: <poet encript><simpLe ell planetic portent request><sell queer test><he print sect plain face> <sect help impel poet in print face><queerest antics help sell>

L2: <ill step Depart><test rocq quey Libra pezt spreaD><by apriL zet rocq><persuaDe set><reDsea step><ill step preDates ><Libra queys><alleGorinS (Swedish for allegory) departS><Libra quey spreaD ill pest>

L3: <GrandeSt part err><finer olivines ((Silicon based mineral) prearm><ill ranGes departS><ramp in finer olives><if oil in veins> <pedantS art prearm Gilles ovines (sheep) fineri>if miner patterS raper danGer>

L4: <aS aSchera (asterioid) reacheS aSCent><Israelite ueSsel quiet><earlieSt uSes lIe quiet><Search aSCent quilt Sees><earlieSt uSes lIe quiet><See Itali CatharticalneSS (cleansing)><Satan Search Celtiq iSle><haS aS Client> realiSe realItieS

1: catharticalness, 
2: allegorins, Israelite, aphelic, rocq,
3: steep-pillar, signaller, queerest,
4: olivines, acephal, pelican, mariner, potent,
5: planetic, 
6: pedants, olives, queys, aleph, quey,
7: portent, ascents, help,
8: queller, request, Gilles, ztep,
9: predates, Aschere, reaches, Libra, quest,
10: departs (2x), easier,
11: earliest,
12: Aschera,
13: encript,
14: impels / simple, rimer,
15: -,
16: chafe,
17: -,
18: Satans, miner,
19: lancet, finer / infer, poet,
20: realise, patter, cheap,
21: quilt, parcel, resell / seller, face,
22: graels, larges, coq,
23: Caf,

allegories, catharticalness, Israelite, queerest, rocq, signaller, olivines, planetic, keys, help, pedants, predate, Aschera, earliest, ascent, Gilles, request, aphelic, portent, reaches, Libra, pleases, simple, poet, realise, Satans, patter, Graels, finer, face.


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