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Nostradamus C4 Q8: The Gods of water and fate destroy the people of a city.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is another in the series that hold anagrams related to Nostradamus mechanisms (e.g. rituals, posture). As each verse carrying this theme is gathered they show Nostradamus using emotions associated with fear of floods and death to call the agents for his stories. By this scheme Proteus is then the divine god described in the second of his prophecies.When used as a guide to the story in the text these anagrams tell us more about the nature of the surprise at night and suggest it involves an eathquake followed by a superstorm that floods many cities of Europe.

C1 Q2
The wand in the hand is placed in the middle of the branches
With water he sprinkles the hem of his garments
A voice, fear he trembles in his robes.
Divine splendor; the God sits nearby

The anagrams framing these views include:

Leningrad candidates distanced as USA prompt tempo pertinent Peter learning
Le grand cite d'assaut prompt et repentin

tremor usurps uninspired end educating resident importuners tragic readings induces superstorm
Surprins de nuict gardes interrompus

Leninist excuse evilest excubites (hd of Levites) Sevilles Levites ill seas acqu[a]int
Les excubies et veilles ſainct Quintin

disgraced Proteus posture rituals a moralist spurt Turcs disagreed
Trucides gardes et les pourtails rompus
The great city by prompt and sudden assault
Surprised at night, guards interrupted
The guards and watches of Saint-Quentin
Slaughtered, guards and the portals broken.
Le grand cite d'assaut prompt et repentin
Surprins de nuict gardes interrompus
Les excubies et veilles ſainct Quintin
Trucides gardes et les pourtails rompus
L1: <Leningrad cited peter as usa prompt><atropus (Gk goddessof fate) reLenting retempt candidates > prompt usa candidates repent><assad edict realign> <decLaring date as usa prompt><~usa distanced Large / graeL pertinent prompt~><a Lenient susa edict prompt peter danger> <tempter distanced atropus (Gk goddessof fate)><Line tempo peter> redacting triangLe / reLating

L2: <Superstorm readings uncited><uninspired readings uSurps tremor><educating resident><destine tragic undines ><importuners sin raged><reinsert /reinters grade>

L3: <quint Lines leSs evil antic><excuse ill Seas bi steve Quintic Line><see leSs evil antic Quint (1st Spanish kg) excubites (Fr head of Levites)><Quint set Sensical veil><aS seville set><Quint siLent><Seals in evilest /levites>

L4: <~moralist puTs our seed spelt ur disgrace~><set rituals degrade poles><sailor trumps lest proteus / posture disagreed><~sailor cruised sTump rag deletes stupor~> <atropus deletes disgraced sailor> redsea leprous
 dearest eldest
1: importuners, candidates, superstorm, Ecubites, distanced, disgraced, relenting, trumps, usurps,
2: educating, pertinent, Leninist, Sevilles, tragic,
3: importuner, uninspired, disagreed, degrades, Undines, Seville, excels, 
4: Leningrad, learning, tempter, spurt,
5: moralist, rituals, evilest / Levites, lenient,
6: reinsert, crust, Assad,
7: deleters, ritual, excuse, 
8: purrs,
9: altering / alerting / relating / triangle, sensical, puts,
10: linger, trails / trials,
11: carding, inserted / resident, induces, prompt, deletes, sailor,
12: Atropus (2x), stupor, dearest, sells,
13: realign, tempt, liars,
14: destine,
15: tremor,
16: Proteus / posture, rinsed,
17: redacting,
18: -
19: grades (2x), eldest,
20: inept,
21: -
22: spelt,
23: -

distanced, superstorm, subexcite, candidates, disgraced, Leninist, importuners, relenting, usurps, Sevilles, Levites, tragic, rituals, pertinent, educating, Leningrad, moralist, Assad, uninspired, disagreed, degrades, learning, excuse, resident, induces, sailor, Proteus, lenient, posture, excels, Atropus, destine, crust, tremor, spurt, altering, sensical, tempter, inept, trails.



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