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Nostradamus C4 Q10: Jesus clone accused falsely of abducting another man's wife.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C4 Q10 A young prince falsely accused plunges the army into trouble and quarrels leading to murder of a chief.This verse has reference points that link it to the previous verse and this connection is made more likely by the topic coverage in the other verses of this section. It appears to serve the same function as C4 Q9 in that it delivers timing ciphers consistent with the era found through the Jesus clone theme. The cipher identified by the Apepis & Aapep (e appaiſ) anagrams helps place these events as the time of the fire in the sky events late in this century. This current verse has a reference to Menelaus and this provides the allusion as to the accustation that has the Prince (cloned Jesus) accused arrested, released on parole and escaping into the dessert. The accusation derived from the Menelaus (aulſemen) reference is that of stealing another man's wife and the unusual anagram references surrounding a Queen's  pet camel (le cam - p et - en que) help to place it in a dessert setting.

The anagrams that provide the framework for this verse include:

1. June pincer canceric fuse Menelaus sulfa element
2. Queen resell ornate blue pet camel treatment queer smell menstrate
3. Truer tenement reposeful tunes rely fleech men
4. Couriers respect Aapep Apepis uprise reappraise urge resource sell
# Apepis: same as Apophis and Aapep which is the name of an asteroid as well as an Egyptian demon god.
# Menelaus: Mycenaen king whose wife became Helen of Troy after her flight with or compelled by her attraction to the Trojan prince Paris.
The young Prince falsely accused
Plunges the army into trouble and quarrels
The chief murdered for his support,
Scepter to pacify then to cure scrofula.
Le jeune prince accuse faulſement
Mettra en trouble le camp et en querelles
Meurtry le chef pour le ſouſtenement
Sceptre appaiſer puis guerir eſcrouelles.
L1: <~cauSeful pincer /prince june ace eLements~><june pincer Let menelauS accuse><prince accuse Sulfa eLement><Samuel fuse>

L2: <seller Matter entrouble queen pet camel><Seller camel treatMent trouble queen><seller met queer ornate blue placeMent><entreat sMell trouble pet camel><seeM queller treat>querent bell restateMent camp sMell Menstrate

L3: <men Mutter repoSeful tunes lechery><Met tenement ur rely /lyre><fleech try oust leprous>

L4: <urge appraiSe courierS uprise><reSpect /Spectre uprise leuels apapiS urge><guise parapet upriSe><i urge reSpect reSource appraiSe sell up><~appear guise courierS sell upriSe / epiruS Sceptre/ reSpect ~><perSia Spectres/ reSpects apep guise><Spectres / reSpects upraiSe / piraeuS a/apep><paper upraiSe>
1: uuool-press, reposeful, causeful, Menelaus, lechery, pet camel, 
2: restatement, treatment(s), menstrate, tunesome, tenement,
3: Apapis, mellees,
4: reappraise, elements, accuse, Samuel, sulfa, smell,
5: querent,
6: entrouble, couriers, appraise, respects, sceptres, mutter, lyre / rely,
7: resource, parapet, element, 
8: queller,
9: matters,
10: routeless, entreat,
11: louuers / slouuer,
12: unripe, sells, 
13: guise,
14: closure, uprises, prune,
15: Aapep,
16: Piraeus / upraise,
17: camp,
18: solutes, respect / spectre,
19: errant,
20: camel,
21: rouble, resell / seller, queen, June,
22: camel, 
23: trouble.

 Menelaus, reposeful, lechery, causeful, restatement, queen, reappraise, treatment, pet camel, menstrate, sulfa, element, smell, Apapis, Aapep, tenement, tunesome, Lyre, sceptres, accuse, Samuel, querent, couriers, mellees, queller, matters, entreat, slower, parapet, closure, camp, uprises, mutter, Piraeus, sells, unripe, resource, errant, guise, solutes, entrouble, June.




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