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Nostradamus C4 Q11: Ancient meter models determine the major ciphers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The events in this verse's text tie into themes in nearby verses which builds a story of a waterlogged quay in an oil port located on a river delta. The last line has a peculiar tone that is resolved by the emphasis on truer meter  and true verse within its anagrams. The line says Under murder murder will be perpetrated and this makes sense when a particular style of meter becomes the cipher for murder. In this instance it is the repeated sound of tr-rt that is the murder cipher while in the other lines ql-lq /cl-lc becomes the cipher for floods or excess liquids and ou the meter of liquid fuel.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

Apep clue quay war Argo wrote regulated graal and capped Yule
Celuy qu'aura gouuert de la grand cappe

Eridanus (constellation) induct equal claques acquit space arrest
Sera induict a quelque cas patrer

develops grievous rogues driven on fount iller
Les douze rouges viendront fouiller la nappe

so sub[s]ume true meter truer verse reinvested prepared Peter rouse
Soubz meurte meurtre ſe viendra perpetrer
# claques: professional applauders employed to cheer and clap.
He who will have the government of the great cappe
Will be prevailed upon to perform several deeds
The twelve red ones who will come to soil the cloth
Under murder, murder will come to be perpetrated.
Celuy qu'aura gouuert de la grand cappe
Sera induict a quelque cas patrer
Les douze rouges viendront fouiller la nappe
Soubz meurte meurtre ſe viendra perpetrer
L1: <capped Clue rang delta quay><a uuaterlogged uuar><capped argo ran regulated Clue><garlanged cap Clue true uuarquay go>yule graal touuer / uurote apep

L2: <~induct arieS equal quarterspace~><eridanuS equal / acquit quarterspace><arreSt in space era><arieS claques unacquited>

L3: <grievous oil-rule douzes front end><lodes not of rogues uze apep driven><rogue inversed font><front end gives our oil-rule><rogue envies rod / nord iller fount>

L4: <envieS roSter truer meter prepare><inversed meter reStore truer paper><prepared tree><true verSE met zumer bourSe><reSt envied robuster meter zumer ur prepared>
1: uuaterlogged, quarterspace, toilful, truer meter, retrieves,
2: grievous, deuelops, gives,
3: reinvested, prepared, front end,
4: claques, acquit, capped, prepare,
5: regulated, claque, uuorze, fount,
6: Eridanus, reverts, quay, zero,
7: adiunct, muze,
8: preinvade, restive,
9: -
10: casque, bourse,
11: -
12: planar,
13: induct, altered / related, 
14: revise,
15: Patras,
16: garlanded, reroutes, capes / space,
17: restore,
18: Reuters,
19: -
20: cluey,
21: -
22: caps, Argo, sorer,
23: panderer.

toilful, claques, retrieves, waterlogged, quarterspace, truer meter, capped, develops, grievous, fount, reinvested, prepared, acquit,regulated, planar, space, front end, Patras, Argo, reroutes, garlanded, quay, Eridanus, worse, reverts, adjunct, zero, restive, bourse, altered, restore, Reuters, cluey, caps, sorer, panderer, revise.



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