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Nostradamus C4 Q12: As the supersoul evolves Europes Easterner air routes become hazardous.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about the disruptions brought to earthly affairs by the fall of two asteroids. While the text is about the impact on a battle the anagrams not only give details of the participants but links in other events that can be dated by these asteroids.

The anagrams from which the understanding of this verse arises include:

futile camp plump camel dangers detour unifies times Neufmoustier infuse
Le camp plus grand de route mis en fuite

usage raise Plesiosaur enroute Easterner enters Europeans serene supersoul chases
Guaires plus outre ne ſera pourchaſſe

recast temple introduce region sector Erigone came
Oſt recampe et legion reduicte

Aschera chases up Josephus IS hordes outlawed leagues search Seas
Puis hors des Gaule du tout ſera chaſſe
# Plesiosaur: Although dinosaur bones have been known since ancient times it was in the early 19th century that they were recognised as a real animal species and the Plesiosaur was one of the first uncovered.
# Aschera: a Main belt asteroid of notable size (26km)
Erigone: a Main belt asteroid of notable size (73km)
The greater army put to flight in disorder,
Scarcely further will it be pursued
Army reassembled and the legion reduced,
Then it will be chased out completely from the Gaules
Le camp plus grand de route mis en fuite
Guaires plus outre ne ſera pourchaſſe
Oſt recampe et legion reduicte
Puis hors des Gaule du tout ſera chaſſe
L1: <eddan eLite plugs neufmoustier (Peter the Hermit's monastery) ><eLect map unifies plugs><eddan mines futiLe route pulps came <our eddan time infuse><

L2: <persia outrules europeanS uSaGeS><europeanS air route pulses craSheS><~persia arch retuneS soul europa GueSS~><europa arch enterS supersoul uSaGeS ><plesiosaur true uSaGeS Seen><persia slouu eaSterner uSaGeS><~plus europeanS route uSaGe craSh rise~><uuorst perils aSSuaGe po era Seen><upraise / piraeus cahourS uSaGe><pustulose uproar chaSeS Serene air><persia telurous uSaGeS Seen><sporules reenterS uia GaSeS>

L3: <traceS erigone temple><introduce / reduction map SectOr><ogile map SectOr ruined>region ignore(d) / gironde / negoid origen

L4: <~duet Search out PauSeS dishorse Gauls~><traceS outlauued ShaPeS><ioSePhus haS traceS tuuo rods led usaGe><archeS PauSeS dishorse Gauls duet><duel usaGe Setout arch PauSeS>leAgues hordes / herods /Rhodes aSchera
1: Neufmoustier, Plesiosaur, outlauued, Iosephus, dishorse, unifies, plump,
2: rounded, Erigone, futile, unfit,
3: moisture,
4: pustulose, supersoul, assuage, infuse, odder,
5: Cahours,
6: phases / shapes, Gauls,
7: introduce / reduction, Leagues, leuud,
8: Europeans, pauses, slouu, crash, guess,
9: sporules, ignored / Gironde / negroid, Easterner, plouus,
10: Cahour, legit,
11: outrules, telurous, usages,
12: Aschera,
13: opera,
14: -
15: uuorst, Europa, serener,
16: Piraeus / upraise, reenters, Herods / hordes / Rhodes,
17: camp (2x),
18: stouter, enroute,
19: -
20: sector, stout, gases / sages,
21: chasers / crashes, tuuo, souu,
22: camel, outed,
23: ignore / Origen / region.

Iosephus, outlawed, Neufmoustier, Plesiosaur, supersoul, unifies, futile, assuage, plump, unfit, rounded, Erigone, dishorse, infuse, pustulose, moisture, Gauls, introduce, Cahours, odder, shapes, European, Leagues, guess, lewd, pauses, slow, Easterner, crash, Gironde, plows, upraise, sporules, telurous, usages, hordes, serener, camp, Aschera, reenters, worst, sector, Europa, two, crashes, enroute, gases, camel, region, outed.


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