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Nostradamus C4 Q13: A califate exploits gangsters & religious sects to control water supplies & climate
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

1558 Nostradamus Henry Epistle HEE2 Climate quoteC4 Q13 is linked to the quote alongside because it contains an anagram for climate in its second line. The verse has a religious focus as identified  by an anagram in its second line for Pentecostalism. This anagram has an extremely low probability of chance formation and that quality encourages its pairing with verse C3 Q77 which is one of three in this series of ten  that mentions climate in its text. That verse has adjacent anagrams for Pentecost vignettes which is also a highly unlikely chance-driven  juxtaposition. These form the anchor points for their being paired.

The second line of the current verse also has an additional anagram not shown in the verse image given below. The term is poets and it is one of twelve so although it's not  rare describes both Nostradamus' medium and the process he identifie as central to his code strategy. Hence it cannot pass unnoticed since this word offers a link to the anagrammatic entry meaning five rows or series that appears in the first pairing in this series .

In this verse the text and anagrams  further develops the theme of a religious war in which criminal activity is rife under the governance of a Califate. The language used for the anagrams suggests a period between 1950 and 2100 CE.

Within the anagrams the ones for Pentecostalism (it le camp s'eſton), tradepeople (aportees De plu), compensates (e camp s'eſton), patrollers (les raport), prefatorial (raport fait le), depletes (tees DE pl), gang-lander (lange grand), laboured (era Doubl) and belatedness (ltees Bandes) are either singular with no other occurrences or have a maximum of two.  Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 13Climate Pentecostalism Califate

Via the inter-relationships in these and others shown in the image of the verse below we can sense a mix of crimes involving climate, ownership of wells and withholding of labor. Each and all of these aspects can influence the progress of a war.

This is not a major part of Nostradamus' vision for our future but just one of the many events he uses to flesh out incidents which he said he included to maintain peoples interest.

However this verse forms the launch pad for developing the social aspect of the period leading up to the religious wars.

News of the greater loss reported,
The report will astonish the army:
Troops united against the revolted:
The double phalanx will abandon the great one.
De plus grand perte nouuelles raportees
Le raport fait le camp s'eſtonnera
Bandes vnies encontre reuoltees
Double phalange grand abandonnera.
L1: <seller operates pretend ouun><uuell><traDespeople resell><plugs operas Desert uuell><patrollers seeD><Depletes operas ungrasped uuell><operas Deepest uuell><operaters splurge ouun parented seeD>

L2: <pentecoStalism Learn forepart><map port reaL ornateneSs><Leaner Steps on climate><compenSates Learner><noteS prefatorial placeme-nts> <none Set califate maps><near map onSet / noteS> reaL port><emplaces reSonant>

L3: <once veins re-enter Badness><see veins Belatedness re-encounter><once louer Beset and envies>

L4: <nonDurable ganglander band a help><danger Duo abandon near><alpha bandar and none laboureD><galena help>
1: Pentecostalism, tradespeople, compensates, prefatorial, nondurable, belatedness, patrollers,
2: nondeparture, splurged, emplaces, depletes, Dabaran,
3: reencounter, laboured, operates,
4: ganglander, forepart,
5: ungrasped, climate, badness,
6: ornateness, califate, bands, aleph,
7: bandar, learner, alpha, help,
8: rondeau, egg,
9: Terpander,
10: double, pretend, bad,
11: abandon, splurge, deepest,
12: parented, parole,
13: resonant, onsets / stones, opera,
14: -,
15: entones, nieces,
16: bees,
17: nouuell, beans,
18: enroute, reroute, steered, vends, uuell, beset, bans, heap,
19: -,
20: consent,
21: resell / seller,
22: camel,
23: -.

Pentecostalism, tradespeople, compensates, prefatorial, nondurable, belatedness, emplaces, patrollers, non-departure, depletes, califate, bands, re-encounter, ganglander, operates, laboured, forepart, Bandar, ornateness, ungrasped, climate, badness, pretend, help, learner, abandon, deepest, well.



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