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Nostradamus C4 Q17: Europes fuels are poisoned in the Strait of Hormus.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C4 Q17 FrnchAlpine foothill towns engaged in religious battles to control river levelsIn this verse Nostradamus gives more details of how poisons are added to fuels for Europe at Gameron a city on the coast of the Straits of Hormus and now known as Banda Abbas. The poison in the fuel affects arable lands and then the bones of those whose food comes from that land. There are also strong dating clues hidden in both the text and the anagrams with references such as near the river (Eridanus), fish (Pisces), diver's beak (Grus) and the tail (Aldebaran in Taurus) appearing in the text and Aldebaran  appearing as part of the anagrams contained in this verses lines.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

1. Bear change halcyon decathlons anchylose jointed
2. Convoluted-manual mandate named Aldebaran
3. Gameron monarch parents bones uueep superfluent fuels poisons
4. Revealer reverse equal power Europe restore reassert era seer revere
# Aldebaran:giant orange star in the constellation of Taurus- its name means 'The follower'.
Gameron: old name for Bandar Abbas a strategic southern Iranian port-city located in the middle of the Hormus Strait northern coastline.
# prolegomena: a critical or discursive introduction to a book.
# anchylose: stiffness of a joint due to abnormal adhesion and rigidity of its bones
To change at Beaune, Nuits, Chalon and Dijon,
The duke wants those of the cross called away
Marching near the river, fish, diver's beak
Will see the tail the gate will be locked.
Changer a Beaune Nuy Chalons et Dijon
Le duc voulont amander la barree
Marchant pres fleuue poiſſon bec de plogeon
Verra la queue porte ſera ſerree.
L1: <salon Change jointed Bear><join DeCathlons><Change halCyons jointed bar><aNChylose (fused joints)>

L2: <arab reeLed><real bearer><no mandate><convoLuted-manual rarer blade>aldeBaran named><tonal damn arable>

L3: <So superfluent poiSe be a Sons charM ><useful poiSonS be Monarch copledge><prolegoMena (early ideas) cede chant><useful poiSonS March entrap / parent gene-pool><cede gaMeron prechants fleuu pole poiSe><Monarch copledge boneS>

L4: <equal eaSterS europe revere><Seer reVerSe era puerto equal><~a uueeq revealer errS erase port queue~><reStore eras reVere uueep> reaSSert
1: convoluted-manual, prolegomena, decathlons, superfluent, anchylose, copledge, gene-pool, jointed,
2: Aldebaran, revealer,
3: halcyon, revere,
4: halo,
5: romance, useful,
6: Gameron / megaron, jcon, reeled,
7: mandate,
8: monarch, Balder, Luton, barge,
9: macron, reserve / reverse / reveres,
10: anarch, refuels, queue / uueeq,
11: -
12: poisons, arable, bones, Emona, bearer,
13: -
14: -
15: reassert,
16: join,
17: restore,
18: fuels,
19: uueep (2x),
20: feels / flees,
21: -
22: Europe,
23: -

convoluted-manual, prolegomena, decathlons, superfluent, copledge, jointed, anchylose, gene-pool, Aldebaran, revealer, revere, halcyon, romance, useful, Gameron, reeled, monarch, reverse, anarch, mandate, barge, refuels, poisons, bones, arable, queue, bearer, weep, feels Europe, reassert, restore, fuels.



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