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Nostradamus C4 Q22: People from the Middle East chase out their Christian invaders.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 22 Great one chased out of the Kingdom betrays faith promised reulting in disorder.This verse follows on from C4 Q21 with the story of religiour war where the people of the Sunday (y Dans v) faith and the rosary (ſarroy) are on the losing (loing ſ) side (iſe d) while the winners are the seafaring (ing ſera f) people from around the Redsea (ſera de). One means by which the rout is obtained is from the use of Sulfa (faulſ) biogens (beſoing) causing oil demise (miſe de - loi).

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

1. Enlarged queries copied Red-Sea sacred graal charades
2. And foremeant monuments after bears agonies your day gain biogens
3. Foreplay promised sulfa melodies seafaring regions organise
4. Sunday verse exudates unexpiated rosary

# boragineous: properties of borage a plant used in herbal medicine to treat inflammation and other ailments.
The great army will be chased out,
In one moment needed by the King
The faith promised from afar broken,
He will be seen naked in pitiful disorder.
La grand copie qui ſera deſchaſee
Dans vn moment fera beſoing au Roy
La foy promiſe de loing ſera faulſee
Nud ſe verra en piteux deſarroy.
L1: <charadeS See graaL equipoiSe><~querieS chaSed copi Sea Large dna~><~raiSed dracon equip See chaSe Lag~>copied Sacred equipoiSe><iS Searched Sea equip dracon><redSea chaSeS Large dracon><equip dracon aS eagLe craShed>

L2: <svnDay foremeant boRagineouS><anD youR biogenS after svn omen><youR gnoSia be a fear moment ><~anD fear youR gnoSia bar monvments~><and youR gnoSia be after memnon><fomenter baSe><yoD aRouSing bear><boreaS gain youR><anD youR agonieS bear>

L3: <polymeriSed Sulfa organiSe><Sulfa reimpoSed oil rangeS><melodieS organiSe Sulfa forepLay><legionS fear promiSed><loSing demiSe fear><Seafaring lodeS> <my-proof i Seed oil Lease rangeS><legionS reimpoSed afar><organiSe dieSel Sulfa>miSdoer

L4: <~uNverSed roSary exude near pit><unexpiated verdureS rearS><verSe pertain roSary exude><pit nearer roSary exude><~deputixe near uNverSed roSary~><rapine exudateS>
1: boragineous, unexpiated, equipoise, foremeant, promised, melodies, exudates, unversed, Svnday,
2: polymerised, reimposed, seafaring, foreplay, charades, verdures, misdoer,
3: deputixe, arousing, searched, Memnon,
4: agonies, copied, moment, foment, rosary, sandy, sulfa,
5: biogens, crashed, gnosia / Saigon, Boreas,
6: -
7: fomenter, served,
8: organise, ignores / regions, demise, sacred / scared,
9: relosing,
10: -
11: -
12: oiled, 
13: roars,
14: -
15: queries, rebase, nearer,
16: -
17: pertain, regales, resign / reigns / singer, duetx, eagle,
18: aduiser, chased,
19: day,
20: inept, 
21: risque / squire, aleles, vans,
22: Redseas, foal,
23: legion.

unexpiated, boragineous, equipoise, foremeant, promised, melodies, exudates, unversed, Sunday, monuments, polymerised, charades, reimposed, seafaring, foreplay, misdoer, arousing, deputies, searched, Memnon, agonies, copied, rosary, foment, Sulfa, biogens, Boreas, fomenter, crashed, served, organise, sacred, regions, demise, adviser, inept, queries, chased, day, eagle, reigns, Redseas.



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