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Nostradamus C4 Q24: A destructive radiation released from beneath the earth.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 29 Beneath holy earth of a woman a voice heard an divine human flame causing holy war.This verse has themes that are complementary to those in C4 Q23 and has continuity with several important themes about an American Disaster in Iran. It holds hints of nuclear reactors hidden underground and deals occurring between USA and Iran' criminal classes that ends up benefitting no one. (see American Disaster for related verses).

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

1. So you ascertained subterrain sect moved best date fixation 
2. Famine poem inflame divine-pouuer holier-view
3. Draftee feared useless federates gundealers retreating
4. Scantiest pittance essential erraticalness test perilous peoples impulse
Beneath holy earth of a woman faint voice heard
Human flame seen to shine as divine
It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood
And to destroy the holy temples for the impure one
Ouy ſoubs terre ſaincte dame voix fainte
Humaine flamme pour diuine voir luire
Fera des ſeuls de leur ſang terre tainte
Et les ſaincts teples pour les impurs deſtruire.

Although the anagrams for radium and uranium are split anagrams their inclusion is warranted since one radium is the heritage of the other and these two elements fits well to the text where it says Human flame seen to shine as divine.

L1: <So yOu made Subterrain-sect><fix a diStance move><fix erraticneSs date move ><aScertained So rebuts move you fix><move adiacent>arterieS arSenic best fixation reaSSert

L2: <poem inflame rad-ium Hue><poem Hide-uranium flame> <mm divine-pouuer finale><emma proud feminal Hue><emma Hum proud finale>

L3: <Federate agentS rule terrain><Feared uSeless Stranger ruled> <in retreat gundealerS Feared Useless><retreating Feet eludes redSeas><~taint Free edeSsa regret runas eludeS~><urSae retreating><regrant inate ruleS><draFtee Sees rereat in duels granules>

L4: <riuer lEts Scantiest peoples rule><ur trussed simple riuer peoples><Sensical test><Essential sect propulse><perilous sleep><leSs pittances><our impulse><urs simple pittances leprous><leperous antics spelt><peoples misrule>umpires
1: subterrain-sect, divine-pouuer, retreating, peoples, fixation,
2: federate(s), umpires, 
3: ascertained, erraticness, essential, perilous, impulse, move,
4: redistance, adiacent, granules, draftee, trussed,
5: gundealers, pittances, scantiest, stranger, feminal / inflame,
6: propulse, misrule, brutes, rebuts, cadet / acted,
7: simpler, regrant, useless,
8: afix, fax,
9: sporules, sensical, nitrate, tertian, bouts, fix,
10: Oliver, diuine, tubes, Foix,
11: arteries, mated / tamed,
12: arsenic, regret,
13: distance / citadens, retreat, duress, lemma,
14: impels / simple, runas, bust,
15: leperous, reassert, famine / infame,
16: finale, Iove (2x),
17: -
18: diuerts, flame,
19: Edessa,
20: you,
21: elfin, feint, emma,
22: Redseas, faint, spelt, Medea,
23: poem.

retreating, peoples, subterrain-sect, divine-pouuer, fixation, federate(s), umpires, ascertained, essential, move, erraticness, perilous, impulse, gundealers, draftee, scantiest, pittances, inflame, stranger, misrule, propulse, brutes, fix, divine, tubes, regret, simple, leperous, finale, Edessa, poem, flame, diverts, you.


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