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Nostradamus C4 Q26: The agents of Aphrodite thwart Hitler's view of love and fertility.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This Prophecy's resolution is based on the understanding of ancient Greek methods and the way they shaped the mind throughout time. The major reference points are Aphrodite (trahido pe) and Hitler (treilh) with the story line being about those who risked their lives while shielding others - it is the story of the aphroditan worker bee.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

Soul dangerously same as Semele lunar-God essay reveal readable holes
Lou grand eyſſame se leuer a d'abelhos

DNA runa noted gene site degenerations even Sun-Godd unreason woken
Que non ſauran don te ſiegen venguddos

chased souls last holier schedule Hitler holds below goulachs locus
Deuech l'ebousq lou gach deſſous las treilhos

activ[e] Aphrodite period link gennos song nonsound
Ciutad trahido per cinq lengos nonnudos
# Aphrodite: Goddess of love and fertility but in one of her many other associations she is goddess of gardens, flowers and bees. Her jewel is sea salt and one of her sacred animals is the bee.
# Semele: in Greek mythology mother of Dionysius with Zeus the father- equivalent Mary in the Jesus son of God story.
The great swarm of bees will arise,
Such that one will not know whence they have come;
By night the ambush, the sentinel under the vines
City delivered by five babblers not naked.
Lou grand eyſſame se leuer a d'abelhos
Que non ſauran don te ſiegen venguddos
Deuech l'ebousq lou gach deſſous las treilhos
Ciutad trahido per cinq lengos nonnudos
L1: <a Lunargod eSSay rue><a Lunar-god melees bad holes><else Same holes dangerouSly abrade><Same dyeS abrade Langor holes><reuealed deny readable maSSes>

L2: <gene inSet around oanneS Qudos><aS none around><radon gene Site><even odd gun tragedieS><uSa degenerationS><auraS dont even (up) Siege gun odds><Seeing none noted auraS Qudos>

L3: <last scheDule holier><realist shed SoulS><goulaq holds a chaSed Souls rites><SoulS ached as hitler Does leech>

L4: <gennos lincq period on sounD><perodic song nonsound lenq><aphrodite adictous><art copier hid><non song sound enlincq period>
1: degenerations, dangerously, Aphrodite, nonsound, schedule, readable, holds,
2: langour, Raidho, lincq, qudos,
3: Lunargod, langours, Hitler, lenq,
4: Alderab, helios, holier, holes, salts, odd,
5: realists, linq,
6: unreason, period, essay,
7: aground, masses,
8: around, copier, abrade / Abdera, says, hid, nun,
9: price,
10: sound, leuee, bad,
11: gennos, Arnaud,
12: souls, deny, mass,
13: douses, melees,
14: runas, noun, 
15: hole,
16: realist, Oslo / solo,
17: soon, dyes,
18: chased, seduce, blade, Sauls, shed,
19: auras,
20: -
21: Oannes,
22: song.
23: -

degenerations, nonsound, schedule, dangerously, readable, holds, Aphrodite, langour, Raidho, runas, Lunargod, link, Kudos, copier, around, Hitler, unreason, period, holier, realists, gennos, essay, abrade, says, nun, hid, bad, souls, price, Arnaud, deny, mass, Oslo, melees, soon, seduce, Sauls, blade, shed, Oannes, song, auras, chased.


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