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Nostradamus C4 Q26: Hitler's innate evilness as a gauge for American religious and social decadence
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Decadent verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesNostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry [HEE7] about decadent eventsThe verses capable of giving substance to Nostradamus' decadence link are limited by the synonyms that can be found as anagrams. Testing all variations given in common lists I find there is only licentious, degeneration(s) and evilness / vileness on which to build my links. Yet this is enough for in doing this reearch in recent days I have added powerful  connections showing the likelihood that Nostradamus' claims to see the future are justified.

This verse C4Q26 and C10 Q62 are linked by the synomic anagrams for decadence. And if evilness and degeneration are to be be a form of decadence then there can be no better modern exemplar than Hitler. In these two verses two of the Prophecies' three anagrams for Hitler are found.

The current verse makes the link to the Epistle's decadence via degenerations in its second line. The anagrams in that line then tie the story into the 21st century dangerous fascination with guns. There is also a lnk via an anagram for scheduler to the first pair which were grounded on the anagram for decadent.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C4 Q26 Hitler Degenerations USA dangerously adoptDecadent paper comparing candidature pre-campaignThis Prophecy's resolution is based on the understanding of ancient Greek methods and the way they shaped the mind throughout time. The major reference points are Aphrodite (trahido pe) and Hitler (treilh) with the common story line being about those who risked their lives while shielding others - it is the story of the aphroditan worker bee.

This verse is full of complex anagrams whose presence forms a structure that can be seen as appropriately describing the USA in the twenty first century. And there is even the lettering USA adjacent to the anagram for degenerations but that very common lettering is not the mainstay. The first line has adajacent angrams saying same hole dangerously abrade ( elho_ s Lou grand eyſ_ſame _er a d'ab) while the second line contains a series of adjacent terms that I have grouped using apostrophes. In this form it sits uncomfortably close to modern America. And the third and fourth line's anagrams convey the idea that a person with a holier intent follows Hitler's path in chasing souls. It is from these origins that our centuries religious wars arise.

This verse separates the usage of the two ciphers evilness and degeneration by making degenerations a slide from a level of morality while evilness applies to those thinking morality has no claim on them.

The great swarm of bees will arise,
Such that one will not know whence they have come;
By night the ambush, the sentinel under the vines
City delivered by five babblers not naked.
Lou grand eyſſame se leuer a d'abelhos
Que non ſauran don te ſiegen venguddos
Deuech l'ebousq lou gach deſſous las treilhos
Ciutad trahido per cinq lengos nonnudos
L1: <a Lunargod eSSay rue><a Lunar-god melees bad holes><else Same holes dangerouSly abrade><Same dyeS abrade Langor holes><reuealed deny readable maSSes>

L2: <gene inSet around oanneS Qudos><aS none around><radon gene Site><even odd gun tragedieS><uSa degenerationS><auraS dont even (up) Siege gun odds><Seeing none noted auraS Qudos>

L3: <last scheDule holier><realist shed SoulS><goulaq holds a chaSed Souls rites><SoulS ached as hitler Does leech>

L4: <gennos lincq period on sounD><perodic song nonsound lenq><aphrodite adictous><art copier hid><non song sound enlincq period>
1: degenerations, dangerously, Aphrodite, nonsound, schedule, readable, holds,
2: langour, Raidho, lincq, qudos,
3: Lunargod, langours, Hitler, lenq,
4: Alderab, helios, holier, holes, salts, odd,
5: realists, linq,
6: unreason, period, essay,
7: aground, masses,
8: around, copier, abrade / Abdera, says, hid, nun,
9: price,
10: sound, leuee, bad,
11: gennos, Arnaud,
12: souls, deny, mass,
13: douses, melees,
14: runas, noun, 
15: hole,
16: realist, Oslo / solo,
17: soon, dyes,
18: chased, seduce, blade, Sauls, shed,
19: auras,
20: -
21: Oannes,
22: song.
23: -

degenerations, nonsound, schedule, dangerously, readable, holds, Aphrodite, langour, Raidho, runas, Lunargod, link, Kudos, copier, around, Hitler, unreason, period, holier, realists, gennos, essay, abrade, says, nun, hid, bad, souls, price, Arnaud, deny, mass, Oslo, melees, soon, seduce, Sauls, blade, shed, Oannes, song, auras, chased.


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