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Nostradamus C4 Q30: The Prophet's sect has eleven major family lines.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 30  Ausssillon music key to serafims secret codeMany verses througout this section of the prophecies direct us to notice the stucture of the verse and in reading this verse it is different to the form of most. The form of the verse tells us that it belongs with a group consisting of C4 Q25 C4 Q28, C4 Q29, C4 Q30 and C4 Q33 and to the lead verse of the series C2 Q13. Their narrative is meant to be for internal consumption of a small band of his contemporaries and in this group of verses the planets, stars and the parts of the body are interchangable ciphers referencing members of Nostradamus' sect.

#Ausssillon in next to Hautpoul

Anagrams giving the frame to this verse include:

1. Paul's novel uvord Venus fusional allusions Aussillon unsolved
2. Zed degree sizes tenet biases outrages men
3. Europe educator bias equips cosubordinate music site
4. Parques (fates) deepest Serafim safer aim wrote secret codes

# Parques: French name for the Roman Parcae who were female personifications of destiny. They were often called the Fates in English. In latin their names were Nona, Decima and Morta.
Eleven more times the Moon not want the Sun
All raised and lowered by degree
And put so low that one will stitch little gold
Such that after famine plague secret uncovered.
Plus vnze fois Luna Sol ne voudra
Tous augmente et baiſſez de degre
Et ſi baf mis que peu or on coudra
Qua pres faim peſte deſcouuert le ſecret.

This verse also has an important link to C4 Q21 since Eleven more times the Moon the Sun will not want, All raised and lowered by degree in the text of this verse is a direct reference to a chiasm found as an anagram in the earlier verse. In the current verse the wording suggests such a mechanism has twenty-two elements, a number corresponding with the Hebraic alphabet. Through these two verses we therefore have the basis of a substitution cipher where the first eleven elements in rising order are paired with the next eleven in descending order.

In this verse there is an anagram for Venus ( us vnze) which in C4 Q25 I identify as the cipher for Marguerite d 'Angouleme and in this verse there are two other anagrams, educator ( coudra Et) and music ( mis qu), that are apt descriptors of her interests and influence. The moon reference in the text may be Queen Elizabeth as Isabette ( te et baiſ) in the anagrams with the Sun being Henry IV, grandson of Marguerite.

L1: <Salon vaPoured><foe aLlluSions zvn oven><Pauls lone vuord is of LunaS><Pauls zvn unfoiLs devour Salon>fuSionaL

L2: <mutagens edged beta route / outer SizeS> <sTouuage baSiS zeed men greed><ten ouTrages SizeS beta deed ><degree aSSized to usa> <magus(Simon-apostle) baSiS zed degree ouT><tenet baSis><zed tenet baSis greeted>

L3:<deepeSt serafim reSelect couu><erect Set codeS parQues uureStle><couture paStime reSelect parQues Seed> Select safer touuer uurote

L4: <lucretiuS paulean undine (elemental) aLL amount><unidentical rules><induce plain reSult><lutherS taLL amount induce><diuine-plan amount cluSter aLL aneuu><ruleS uncited><undine utricleS><maleuth (Lun 10thSef) crust> uuhalerS diane daniel/ denial tonaL
1: Aussillon, cosubordinate, allusions, fusional,
2: educator, stouuage, Venuzs, musiq, assize, Magus, sizes,
3: Aussilon, educators, vapoured, uurestle,
4: greeted, Bette,
5: runacode, outrages, Ecuador, foils,
6: reselect,
7: pastime, ruleout, edged,
8: Serafim,
9: degree,
10: Lunas,
11: deepest, steeds,
12: secrete,
13: -
14: empties, equips, basis,
15: devour, bites,
16: coutures, bits,
17: Iosef,
18: -
19: Parques, uueep,
20: astride / tirades, vuord, beat / beta,
21: -
22: Europe,
23: couture, Sefira.

cosubordinate, fusional, allusions, Venus's, music, educator, stowage, Magus, runacode, sizes, Bette, wrestle, greeted, outrages, Ecuador, foils, pastime, ruleout, edged, degree, Serafim, reselect, Lunas, deepest, steeds, secrete, bits, equips, basis, Iosef, bites, devour, Parques, tirades, weep, Sefira, word, empties, Europe, couture.


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