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Nostradamus C4 Q40: A sect poisons the oceans to stem the flow of refugees.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

INostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 40 Beseiged fortress destroyed by py powder shut in an abyss traitors stowed away aliven this verse the French word poudre has traditionally been intrepreted as being gunpowder but in reality it can mean any powder and the anagrams imply that the story of the text is about a chemical powder that is deliberately dumped into the oceans to strip a particular group of people of the means to survive. Through the anagrams we see that it is an act of racism by a wealthy sect who believe outsiders fleeing their own-distressed countries carry diseases. In this scenario the fortresses of the besieged shut up refers to well-off countries that change their laws and actions to stop migrants coming to their shores by boat. However the Prophecy goes beyond this to the actions of a sect of racists who use their monies to make the seas more dangerous for those who must cross it to reach their lands. This gives meaning to the traitors will all be stowed away alive since it infers that people immune from the action of their power will all be stowed on these refugee ships and their traitorous act inundates pits of the ocean .

The anagrams in this verse include:

1. Lesser forest trees d'Estrees reassessed seas diseases sieges seers err
2. Prouder paper profound fear proof seen by pauperdom abysm end
3. Fissure periods repels editor surest ousiders rotten oust despoilers
4. Racists tardiness sustained pities monies excusism inundates oceans concauxes
The fortresses of the besieged shut up,
Through powder sunk into the abyss
The traitors will all be stowed away alive,
Never did such a pitiful schism happen to the sext
Les fortereſſes des aſſieges ſerres
Par poudre a feu profondes en abyſme
Les proditeurs ſeront tous vifs ſerres
Onc aux ſacriſtes n'aduint ſi piteux ſciſme.
L1: <Seers aSSeSSed forest> <diSeaSeS regreSses> <for Less treeS seeds> <seLf reStoreS>

L2: <proud of pure fear> <abySm Paper needs> <needs proof> <for pauperdom needs abySm fear>

L3: <rotten periods Surest> <true despoiLers> Lesser Serfs> <norSe outsider touts> <editor touts vi ur repeLs / Lepers>

L4: <~and accuSatrixes excuSiSm pities No unit~> <aScertains Oceanx> <Ocean excuSiSm inundates pits> <uxa SectarianS> <mOnies Sustained raciStS caux> <units tardiness > <~acuminOSe (teminating in a flat, narrow end) uxeS as criSt inundates pitS~>
1: accusatrixes, pauperdom, acuminose, inundates, fortresses, reassessed, regresses,
2: profound, excusism, 
3: despoilers, ascertains / sectarians, tardiness, racists, diseases, assessed, pities,
4: outsiders, acruxs (2x), abysm,
5: portside, periods, tripod, drops,
6: sustained,
7: reforests / forester, inserts, Edessas,
8: pampers,
9: -
10: egress,
11: units,
12: -
13: restores, racist, surest, floes, ocean, pits,
14: monies / simeon,
15: sieges, Crist, foes, bay,
16: drop,
17: restore, beans,
18: diuerts,
19: Edessa,
20: proof, stout,
21: -
22: forest / softer, sites,
23: Sudan.

pauperdom, inundates, fortresses, accusatrixes, reassessed, despoilers, profound, excusism, racists, ascertains, outsiders, diseases, assessed, abysm, periods, pities, drop, racist, monies, sustained, ocean, pits, surest, floes, forester, tardiness, inserts, egress, units, Edessa, sieges, proof, Crist, foes, restore, Sudan, sites.


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