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Nostradamus C4 Q41: A sexually abused woman inflicts revenge upon her captors.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 41 The language of a woman who uses sex to deceive guards at night is the excose for her being abandoned to the mob who treat her pitifullyThe text of the current verse provides the tale of a woman who is bold enough to act against her militant captors who are exploiting her for sexual satisfaction. The anagrams suggest Nostradamus read her diary written before she died which tells how she used ancient knowledge to get back at her captors. She uses a mineral found in animal urine as shown by the anagrams for goats hippurate (ptiue par h - oſtag) and when these run out she turns to other minerals such as royal vauxite ( iteux a v - oyr La). There is at least one astronomic cipher included in the anagrams through the anagrams for Lyra and its assciate symbol the harp.

The anagrams in this verse include:

1. Hippurate equines goats egg shortage my autographies euphorias excuse
2. Verdandi dread decodes custodies uuordy diviner united
3. Duc predaceous personal-language fleeched  map
4. Royal Argala elegant lair fear Lyra pit vauxite ovary

# autograhies: documents written in one's own hand.
# exequies: funeral rites.
# expiscate: to find out by laborious examination.
# hippurate: a carboxylic acid found in the urine of horses and other herbivores.
# vauxite: a phosphate mineral
Verdandi: one of the Scaninavian wyrds (fates) or Norns whose weavings set the destiny threads of each human. Verdandi's dreamings covered things about to happen.
Female sex captive as a hostage
Will come by night to deceive the guards
The chief of the army deceived by her language
Will abandon her to the people, it will be pitiful
Gymnique ſexe captiue par hoſtage
Viendra de nuit cuſtodes deceuoir
Le chef du camp deceu par ſon langage
Lairra a l a gente fera piteux a voyr.
L1: <capet Sex autographieS><~Gym gateS euphoria equineS acxept~><hoSt age cap priuate exequieS><goatS excuSe equineS hippurate in Gym><captiue ape Shortage in Gym><equineS eGg my priuate pact><goatS harp>

L2: <~uncited roi seduce ouSted inVader~><diViner unit read Scout deeds><~Scout united inVader roi seceded~>

L3:<predaceouS gang feud Leech camp><perSonal-languge duc decamp><duc cede up map arSon fleech>

L4: <royaL vauxite (blue mineral)><fear elegant Liar pit ovary uxe><free agent pit a royaL-arrival><a gala><Liar uxe argala (African / Indian stork) ovary> galena
1: personal-language, autographies, predaceous, hippurate, euphorias, expiscate, euphoria, shortage, exequies, decodes, seceded, 
2: vauxite, hostage,
3: camped, goats,
4: Angolans, damp,
5: ovary,
6: diviner,
7: reinvaded, fchedule, Verdandi, oaths,
8: Argala, egg,
9: unraided, short,
10: -
11: gang, Lyra,
12: gates / stage,
13: fleeched,
14: host,
15: united,
16: drained, scout, algae, yov,
17: camp, eagle,
18: elegant, seduce,
19: -
20: harp.
21: -
22: -
23: -

exequies, personal-language, autographies, decodes, predaceous, euphorias, Angolans, expiscate, goats, hippurate, shortage, damp, Vauxite, drained, diviner, oaths, seceded, Verdandi, fleeched, gang, host, Argala, egg, ovary, Lyra, harp, seduce, scout, camp, gates, united, elegant, eagle.



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