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Nostradamus C4 Q42: Search for dark matter  impaired by eugenic digression.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This prophecy continues the theme of betrayal found in the previous two verses but each relates to a different aspect of the future. This particular verse involves the change in attitude as both technology and human interaction advance. The story in the text links the rise of science in Geneva which tries to capture the secrets of the universe to the increasing deceit of those who seek quick wealth.

The anagrams in this verse include:

theatres reteach earth oldest gene elevate Grael regulate apes excured [digressed] chart  
Geneue et Lagres par ceux de Chatres et Dole

noble pact if amount Milton part admire pregranted
Et par Grenoble captif au Montlimard

old eyes sets styles so Anne enspan rape dwarf duel noted
Seyſſet Losanne par fraudulente dole

axion examinators calmer hearts clear Ishtar harlotries patron roars
Les trahiront par or ſoixante marc

# axion: a hypothetical elementary particle related to the mystery of dark-matter forces. There is a current research project to capture an axion at the University of Washington, USA, involving researchers from around the world.
Geneva and Langres through those of Chartres and Dole
And through Grenoble captive at Montelimar
Seyssel, Lausanne, through fraudulent deceit,
They will betray them for sixty marks of gold.
Geneue et Lagres par ceux de Chatres et Dole
Et par Grenoble captif au Montlimard
Seyſſet Losanne par fraudulente dole
Les trahiront par or ſoixante marc
<earth(s) / heart(s) olDest Gene reguLate pacers>Charted uxe> <theatres loDGe><leo shattereD gene><grapes Gene eleuate earth olDest curex / crxe><caper uxed Largest Chart><Legate curxe olDest Gene Charted rapes><Gene eleuate olD rapes reset curxe>

L2: <Milton drEamt><if nobler capet drEamt li aMount> ><cable pit partEd / dEpart Milton neGro arm><aMount fit place borne>pregranted

L3: <oannes far rape StyleS<aLso SetS old undulate eyeS><so Sole duuarf StyleS anne rape>

L4: <earths / hearts iron part caLmer><patron harLotries><ishtar texan patron caLmer><patron trochLearis (eye muscle) examinatorS (examiners)><trochLearis meant patron>
1: examinators, trochlearis, harlotries, styles,
2: taximen, teachers, theatres, relegate, drauul, Texan,
3: charted, solates, axion,
4: ironhearts, readapt, teacher, detach, lodge, pregranted,
5: uuetland / undulate, Milton, duuarf, Eugene,
6: -
7: regulate, Ishtar, calmer, uueld /leuud, Harri, eyes,
8: regrasp, oldest, 
9: largest, nobler, 
10: earths / hearts /Thera's (2x),
11: amount, denote, legate,
12: -
13: roars,
14: dreamt, admire, chart, borne,
15: -
16: mount,
17: lost,
18: fraud, excur, earth / heart / Thera,
19: reducex, noble, Celts,
20: -
21: Oannes,
22: capers / pacers / scrape, Graels, cheat / teach, place.
23: -
trochlearis, examinators, detach, harlotries, styles, taximen, teachers, theatres, relegate, Texan, drawl, readapt, dwarf, ironhearts, weld, axion, undulate, nobler, Milton, pregranted, Eugene, regulate, chart, dreamt, regrasp, Ishtar, oldest, lost, Graels, calmer, eyes, denote, largest, amount, reduces, place, Earth, admire, excur, fraud, noble, Celts, capers, borne.


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