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Nostradamus C4 Q46: The history of those who nurture the extinct dragon.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 46 Well defended evidenece is put to justify the harsh genome interventions of the future.This and several of the following verses have a common link through anagrams for reptiles. Both C4 Q48 andC4 Q51 actually contain that anagram and the latter of the two also has an anagram for vipers. In this current verse there are aspen (Ne pas) and Serpentaria (antes par Rei while C4 Q47 has iguanians and C4 Q49 refers to Serpens. In addition three of the seven anagrams for vipers occur in nearby verses (C4 Q36, Q51 and Q56) This continuity is one more factor that makes C4 Q45 such a pivotal verse because it brings unity to the theme of clones created out of extinct animal parts and the references to dinosaurs, pleiosaurs and pterosaurs found in other verses.

In this verse the reptilian references act as a timing mechanism for Nostradamus' history of the lineage that we will one day come to dread because of its interference with the reptilian and human genes. The story of this verse focusses on the follies and aftermath of wars up to the time of Jean Bernuy of Toulouse.

The anagrams in this verse include:

1. Feudal practise define beneficed unfailed cell 
2. Unheroic archdespot reproach predators agreed to ruin dottery detours
3. Aspen Serpent repair Serpentaria olden frames feared Eastern firearms seen
4. Bernui undesirable Aspen routes amputees burial permutate deals 

# Serpentaria: snake enclosures.
The fact well defended by excellence,
Guard yourself Tours from your near ruin
London and Nantes make a defense via Reim
Not passing further in the time of the drizzle.
Bien defendu le faict par excellence
Garde toy Tours de ta proche ruine
Londres et Nantes par Reims fera defense
Ne passe outre au temps de la bruine.
L1: <a fuel cell practixe define end><feudal peratic><facile duel part excel> Beneficed (endowed Priest) unfed

L2: <~unheroic deroGate pastured Toy~><archdespot toyed rage ruin Tour><predators outtoyed><reproach deTours><aGreed Tour departs echo ruin><~her crop Tour dates toyed in raGe~>reGained ur echo><ur echo deniGrate toy deTours>

L3: <oLden pre-satan eNters><feared endorse semitraNspaRent Lens><seNate sent Lens feed frames Repair><seNate paRtners serafim Lens feed><oLden seer Repair teNants frames><neLson firearms feed teAnants rape><seNate feed seRpentaria frames> <maRries feared peNants> <deafens oLden seer><teNants feared speRmaries><parentS Nearest>

L4: <undesirable pEn permutate><unridable routes amputees pass><asteropaeus (fought Achilles sn of rvr god) stumped ruinable><outer despumate aspeN burial><subepidermal (below skin) aspeN routes><aesops uuater><permutate blades ruin><bernui deals permutate><apes eNnui
1: semitransparent, subepidermal, archdespot, undesirable, practixe, beneficed, permutate, unfended, firearms,
2: Asteropaeus, unridable, unheroic, derogate, oneself, burial,
3: Serpentaria, stumped, defamers, penants, frames,
4: despumate, amputees, anapest / peasant, feudal,
5: spermaries, ruinable, amputee, Aesops, excel,
6: predators, reproach, tenants, marries,
7: regained, partners, deafens, blades, Bernui,
8: denigrate, Serafim, balder, define, unfed,
9: -
10: departs, 
11: facile,
12: pastured, pre-Satan, Nelson,
13: ennui,
14: detours, uuater, 
15: carpet,
16: endorse,
17: -
18: tenant, agreed, blade,
19: peratic,
20: repairs,
21: -
22: -
23: Senate.

semitransparent, subepidermal, aspen, pre-Satan, Serpentaria, undesirable, practise, archdespot, beneficed, Asteropaeus, unheroic, burial, derogate, firearms, oneself, stumped, amputees, permutate, unridable, frames, defamers, reproach, predators, marries, partners, regained, peasant, feudal, spermaries, Aesops, facile, Serafim, penants, ruinable, ennui, excel, define, pastured, carpet, tenant, endorse, blades, Bernui, denigrate, Senate, agreed, repairs, detours, water, unfed, despumate, departs.

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