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Nostradamus C4 Q47: The harsh medical examiner of modern lifestyles.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 4 Quatrain 47 Savage Black one uses murder, sword and frightens the populace by his public hanging of the great ones in his realm.This and several of the following verses have a common link through anagrams for reptiles. Both C4 Q48 and C4 Q51 actually contain that anagram and the latter of the two also has an anagram for vipers. In this current verse there is iguanians (ain ſanguinwhile C4 Q46 has Serpentaria and C4 Q49 refers to Serpens. In addition three of the seven anagrams for vipers occur in nearby verses (C4 Q36, Q51 and Q56). The viper is a traditional symbol for medical practitioners.

In this verse the iguanian reference acts as a timing mechanism for Nostradamus' history of the lineage that we will one day come to dread for its interference with the reptilian gene but it also acts as a repository for an anagram that is key to the story of this verse and that anagram is guanine one of the four basic building blocks in chromosomes. There are several other anagrams that then come into focus for they refer to the way our bodies respond to abuse. Other anagrams relevant to biology include peptides (t pieds pe), sugar (us gra), fatten ( tant ef), artery outlets (raye Tr - estout le), pectoral (par col et), fractures (u fer arcs t) and several others. The text is then a narrative about a harsh examiner of people's lifestyle choices that will emerge in the time when man knows how to resurrect the dead.

The anagrams in this verse include:

1. Cahour friar awakened reassay urea florine
2. Guanine resurface in ape fears fractures Iguanas animas main transducers
3. Artery outlets pelt out pulse arsenate alternates fatten
4. Spillover pulses sprang despite pectoral peptides sugar suspended 

: oppposite field to persona in human psyche
The savage black one when he has tried
His bloody hand at fire sword & drawn bows
All of his people terribly frightened,
Seeing greatest ones hung by neck and feet.
Le noir farouche quand aura eſſaye
Sa main ſanguine par feu fer arcs tendus
Trestout le peup le ſera tant effraye
Voir les plus grans par col et pieds pendus.
L1: <cahour equand aSSure a foreline><eaSy Sea foreLain><~cahour friar Lone eSSay auuaqen'd~>

L2: <fear unamasSed As fractures in penguin><As rapine gun underreacts in a maSs><~Susa tend firepan gun maniaS resurface~><gun maniaS aS rapine transducers><iguanianS tuned maSs><aSian gun maSs tuned rapine cars /scar><amaSS in guineanS / guanineS> seercraft

L3: <~yeT far routes let pleaSure fatten up~>up~><resT year outlet><arTery outlets fatten f-ears> <pulse rate>paleStrae antares arsenate eaSter repulSe

L4: <upends despite sugar spilloVer><~spillover suspended leprotic sugar span~><peptides unVisored><oracle span peptides splurges divulsor><pectoral pulses sprang> <liVerous leprotic sugar span depends>psellus
1: divulsor, transducers, underreacts, unamassed, fractures, spillover, peptides, resurface, Ovidus, reassay,
2: unvisored, pectoral, liverous, seercraft, penguin, depends,
3: sanguine,
4: leprotic, firepan, arsenate, fatten, artery, amass, queach,
5: Guinean, friar,
6: Iguanians, pleasanter, alternates, palestrae, outlets, essay,
7: retraces, despite, visor,
8: splurges, Psellus, polite, says, suds,
9: repulse, sprang, upends,
10: spoiler, Cahour, Cretans, trances, Oliver, espied, Carlo,
11: Arnaud, easy,
12: fray, mass,
13: Antares,
14: pleasure,
15: sauing, oracle, arefy / faery,
16: -
17: -
18: stouter, outlet, spend,
19: mania,
20: stout, spied,
21: tyre,
22: prelates, year.
23: -

divulsor, transducers, under-reacts, unamassed, fractures, spillover, reassay, peptides, pectoral, liverous, penguin, depends, unvisored, leprotic, arsenate, resurface, firepan, fatten, artery, amass, pleasanter, Guinean, friar, alternates, palestrae, outlets, essay, retraces, Iguanians, trances, despite, Psellus, polite, splurges, oracle, says, Antares, year, saving, pleasure, Cahour, mania, mass, spend.


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