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Nostradamus C4 Q49: The undead linger as the skies burn.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C4 Q49 Nostredame Presager Mideastern priest divert genomist dogmatiserThis and several of the surrounding verses have a common link through anagrams for reptiles. Both C4 Q48 and C4 Q51 actually contain that anagram and the latter of the two also has an anagram for vipers. In this current verse there is serpens (ps ne ſer) while C4 Q47 has iguanians and C4 Q46 refers to Serpentaria. In addition three of the seven anagrams for vipers occur in nearby verses (C4 Q36, Q51 andQ56). This continuity is one more factor that makes C4 Q45 such a pivotal verse because it brings unity to the theme of clones created out of extinct animal parts and the references to dinosaurs, pleiosaurs and pterosaurs found in other verses.

The anagrams in this verse include:

1. Presagers are unpersuaded Peleus wanted regalness planet  arranges
UUhat unethical client enlivened ordeals d'Orleans queer reign regionalised?
3. Maids molten-gun Serpens era entuned
4. Nostredame divert priest egotism Villeneuves  Mideastern genomist dogmatiser linger
L'eſprit d'vn ſeul le viendra teſmoigner
Before the people blood will be shed,
Only from the high heavens will it come far
But for a long time of one nothing will be heard,
The spirit of a lone one will come to bear witness
Deuant le peuple ſang ſera reſpandu
Que du haut ciel ne viendra eſloigner
Mais d'vn long temps ne ſera entendu
L'eſprit d'vn ſeul le viendra teſmoigner
L1: <~preSagerS dauuneD planet uSe-plane~><unperSuadeD a planet pulSe rangeS><regalneSS reapS unDead><unDaunted angelS rear apeS><arrangeS pulSe><angerS unSpared>uuetlanD uuanteD

L2: <unethical legionS reinvade><cite regionaliSed lvne><oil eraS envied line uuatched><Queer client gaSoline driven><d'orleanS reign<reign ordealS><Queer era loSing> regionaliSed arSenide endearS

L3: <long met Serpens neat end>Spearsmen get><neareSt / eaStern end><near untaMed vnsolid Seen><Maids / aiMs tuned>

L4: <noStredame linger villeneuveS Striped><maSter region envied ll venus periLS><mideaStern region periLS><invader leuels repeLS genomiSt><prieSt / tripLeS dv (505) lunes maSter region><evil luneS noStredame reeLing><ignore reSpLit Stream> dogmatiSer mediatorS retained interleaved atomiSer
1: Villeneuves, unpersuaded, dogmatiser, unethical, undaunted, enlivened, uuatch,
2: regionalised, interleaved, undulated, mediators, presagers, egotism, evenline, dauuned, divans, 
3: intervaled, Nostredame, spearsmen, uuhat,
4: -
5: genomist, undulate, uuetland, Neville,
6: mideastern, regalness, arranges,
7: atomiser, untamed, atomise, Maoiste, striped, stepmen,
8: unspared, undead, neaten,
9: nostredam, relosing,
10: gasoline, uuanted, reeling, linger,
11: arsenide, Serpens, Midas / maids, 
12: -
13: Perseans, ordeals,
14: resplit / triples, planet, uuaned, Vienne, dirt,
15: strip,
16: d'Orleans, client,
17: -
18: vends, mates / teams,
19: elven,
20: -
21: derivant,
22: retained, master / stream,
23: legion, ignore / Origen / region (2x), uuade, dud.

Villeneuves, unethical, dogmatiser, unpersuaded, undaunted, enlivened, watch, regionalised, mediators, egotism, presagers, undulated, interleaved, Nostredame, evenline, genomist, arranges, atomise, untamed, Mideastern, regalness, wanted, gasoline, arsenide, dirt, strip, Perseans, unspared, ordeals, undead, linger, Serpens, maids, triples, planet, stream, Vienne, d'Orleans, client, derivant, teams, legion, ignore.


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