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Nostradamus C4 Q50: Ancient libraries contain nineteen royal treatments for preventing disease.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about the secret methods used by Royal families to ensure the continuity of their line.

Nostradamus centuries 4 quatrain 50 Irrevisable Libraries Nineteen Disease Pretechniques Romana Letter AnchorThe anagrams providing the key to understanding the text are Peshers /spheres (s Heſper),  irrevisable (ries Libra ve), libraries (ries Libra), nineteen (e tiennen), pretechniques  (rchie Que ſept n), verbalise (es Libra ve), monarchial (la monarchi) and disease (es D'Aſie). Other anagrams in this verse act in support of these keys giving an idea that the Frankish King Carloman (la monarc) was the head of the royal line from around which this theme arose.

The anagrams in this verse include:

1. Peshers spheres verbalise rarer gene libraries
2. Normal Romana letter hide entire  harmonic anchor
3. Foresaid ideas for Persiae never confers uncles disease
4. Nineteen hierarchial pretechniques healing part  arrang[e]

# Pesher: A hebrew word meaning 'interpretation' in the sense of providing a solution. Those who who write the pesharim do so in the belief the original writings have a prophetic meaning.
Libra will see the Hesperias govern,
Holding the monarchy of heaven and earth
No one will see the forces of Asia perished,
Only seven hold the hierarchy in order.
Libra verra regner les Heſperies
De ciel et terre tenir la monarchie
D'Aſie forces nul ne verra peries
Que ſept ne tiennent par rang la hierarchie
L1: <i verbaLise SpHeres rarer genre><engraver Libraries Help-Seer><general irrevisabLe><rare braver gene Lies>Sheep enlarger periSHes

L2: <entire arch normal letter><roman reliant><harmonic reliant><mineral anchor><entire harmonical><linear monarch><rich mentorial reletter ice><hiDe entire carloman letter>

L3: <enforces iDeAS / AiDeS> <~for never repair uncles DiSeAse~><DiareSis (splitting dipthon) enforces><repairer confers lune DiSeAse><confers iDeAS>

L4: <nineteen part pretechniQues><healing archer ><Quee-ns parent penitent>hierarchical hierarchi hierarchal
1: irrevisable, libraries, healing, nineteen,
2: pretechniques, harmonical / monarchial, verbalise, foresaid, disease,
3: hierarchial, hierarchal, orchidean, chide,
4: Carloman, terminal, enforces,
5: hierarchi, confers, normal, Romana, Aamon / Omana, hail,
6: mentorial, harmonic, Nevarre, braver, partner, perishes,
7: anchor, reletter, Peshers / spheres,
8: monarch, chique, Persiae,
9: forces, hide,
10: sibl,
11: mineral, Pesher / sphere, Arieh, sheep,
12: racier,
13: -,
14: reliant, reside, rarer,
15: -
16: -
17: Iosef,
18: moral, liner, never,
19: -,
20: -
21: aides / ideas,
22: chair (2x),
23: linear.

irrevisable, libraries, nineteen, pretechniques, healing, monarchial, disease, verbalise, foresaid, Carloman, hierarchial, partner, confers, normal, Romana, spheres, terminal, letters enforces, braver, linear, mentorial, harmonic, anchor Peshers, spheres, chique, Persiae, force, hide, mineral, reliant, Josef, moral, never Sibl, ideas.



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